A Brand New Specialty Market Has Arrived in Burbank


From l, owner Pam MacDonald and Gluten intolerant Barbara Elliott inside Pam Mac D’s.

Most of you by now have heard the terms “Gluten-free,” “Gluten intolerant” and possibly also “Celiac Disease.” What does all this mean? To condense as much as I can, it means that many people — at least one in 100 — could be carrying the inherent gene that means eating food containing Gluten can cause an immune reaction that results in damage to the small intestine where nutrients cannot be absorbed properly. I have to tell you that I had digestive problems for over five years and was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2000. After my diagnosis, I began to eat Gluten-free through cooking and shopping via the very few stores available then. So for myself and numerous others, we were delighted and thrilled that a new Gluten-free Market has opened in Magnolia Park in Burbank, with a vast stock of products from all over the world for those in need of them. The multi-talented individual behind this is Pam MacDonald, who spent several years researching to bring her dream to reality of offering a specialty Market where you don’t have to spend time reading labels — she’s done it for you!

Stop by today! The official Grand Opening of Pam Mac D’s Gluten-Free Market is Friday, May 20.

From cereals to breads, take-out dishes to desserts — it’s all there! For those with over-active or autistic children, try these products and you will be amazed how much calmer they become. The store is now open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and there will be an official Grand Opening on Friday, May 20, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Mayor, along with samples and special events during the day. Come by and meet AJ, the charming store manager who will be delighted to meet you and answer all your questions. Pam will be there, as well as myself to help with your shopping needs. Now I won’t have to shop at many different stores — everything is in one place!

The store is called Pam Mac D’s Gluten-Free Market located at 3516 W. Magnolia Blvd. near Hollywood Way in Burbank. Check out her website at www.pammacds.com or give her a call at (888) 664-5886.

For further information or questions about Celiac Disease, you can reach me at barbeedee@yahoo.com. I look forward to seeing you at Pam Mac D’s Market!

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