A New Year, A New You at Envy Nutrition


Envy Nutrition owner Terri Hardin-Jackson.

Plenty of people promise themselves that this is the year – the year to get healthy. But at Envy Nutrition, it’s more than a promise. This year, it’s a way of life.

To help people achieve their weight loss resolutions, Envy Nutrition is hosting the One Ton Challenge with the goal of helping the community “lose a ton of weight one pound at a time,” said owner Terri Hardin-Jackson.

The challenge, which lasts for six weeks, allows participants to take advantage of nutrition classes and weigh in each week. The first, second and third biggest “losers,” accounted for by total body fat lost, will win cash prizes, which are entirely funded by the $35 contest fee.

A unique aspect of the challenge is that the coaches are all currently on track to achieving optimum nutrition themselves. Some are Terri’s clients, but some are also her friends who looked to her for help to get healthy.

Coach Lisa Kravetz, who is also a friend of Terri’s, was inspired to join Envy when she heard other people’s success stories. Since September she’s lost 30 pounds and 22 inches.

“I was extremely tired and had no energy,” said Kravetz, who is also a special education teacher. “I work with challenging students all day long and my energy level was really low. Since I started feeling better and doing this program I’ve helped my mother and father both lose weight.”

Coaches Lisa Kravetz, Alex “Tim” Horn, Susan Shearer and Donna.

Alex “Tim” Horn has been an athlete his entire life. But when he suffered a tragedy a few years ago, he “got big.”

“The doctor told me I had to loose 100 pounds or I’d die,” he said. “So I started adopting better nutritional habits and now I feel a lot better about myself. I’m getting everything back I had 20 years ago.”

Like Lisa, Tim has also helped his family and friends get healthier. He helped his uncle lose 100 pounds so he could get surgery.

But perhaps the most unique coach is Donna. At 15 years old, she made the decision to start eating better after a fainting spell during soccer practice. She went to Envy, took a wellness test, and realized she wasn’t eating as well as she could.

“I thought I was eating right and doing everything I was supposed to, but then, after I fainted, I realized I needed to start eating better,” she said.

She is also passing on her good habits to her family and friends, many of whom live in Mexico.

“Everyone is so supportive,” she said. “I’m just starting to spread the word to my family and friends so they can get a positive attitude toward changing their lives.”

Coach Susan Shearer admits to struggling throughout her weight loss journey, but, with the help of Terri and her fellow coaches, she stays on track.

“Terri’s told me it’s OK when I have a relapse,” she said. “I can just start over again the next day.”

Envy Nutrition is located at 11135 Magnolia Blvd., Suite 170 in North Hollywood. For more information, call (818) 755-0900.

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