Arrive and Drive at MB2 Raceways


By Carolyn Scott

The 60,000 square foot indoor race track at the Sylmar location.

So it’s Friday night and you’re not in the mood to sit in a movie theatre and you don’t want to hit up the clubs. But you do want to have fun, right? How about getting behind the wheel of a top of the line Go-Kart that reaches speeds of 50 miles an hour and racing the night away? Talk about an adrenaline rush — before the weekend even gets started!

Whether you’re on a first date or are parents looking for something new and adventurous to do with the whole family, MB2 Raceway has you covered. With locations in Sylmar and Thousand Oaks, their 60,000 square foot indoor race tracks and state-of-the-art, imported Italian Go Karts spell fun no matter who you’re with.

Toss out the idea of putt-putting Karts that go around one little banked track by the freeway, because MB2 Raceway is Kart racing at it’s finest. As a first time racer, you start in the drive briefing room. Here you will learn how to operate the Karts, safety instructions and racing rules. You will then be given your racing helmet and gear before going 14 laps over a quarter mile, road style track. Adults and kids alike will love the whole experience as MB2 has adult as well as junior sized Karts.

A corporate meeting room at MB2 Raceway.

While MB2 Raceway is great for a fun afternoon or evening on your own or with family and friends, it’s also fantastic for a party or even a corporate event. With meeting rooms that are perfect for employers to use for team building mini-retreats or to host an awesome birthday party, you can make your MB2 Raceway experience exactly what you want it to be.

The raceway offers pricing for members as well as non-members. For only $23 per person, non-members get a 14-lap race that includes the cost of gear. However, the benefits of membership are pretty sweet with the $18 per race price, a free race at sign up as well as on your birthday, two for $20 races on Tuesdays and a rockin’ MB2 t-shirt. Just some “fuel” for thought on your next visit!

Okay, so in the days of high gas prices and environmentally conscious consumers, how does MB2 keep everyone coming back? Well, with their 100% eco-friendly electric Karts of course! Yep, pure fun, adrenaline and good for the earth, too!

So this summer, beat the heat and boredom at MB2 Raceways! For more information, directions, hours and how to book MB2 raceway for your special occasion or meeting, be sure to visit Just arrive and drive!

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