BoomerMania, the Musical About Baby Boomers: Smash Hit Keeps on Truckin’ at The NoHo Arts Center


“BoomerMania” triple threat cast!

50 wigs, 100 costumes, 1,000 memories! BoomerMania is the hilarious retro musical that has Los Angeles audiences cheering on their feet!

BoomerMania – the smash hit musical parody that ran for six months at the El Portal Theatre, garnering rave reviews and generating lines out the door, has moved to The NoHo Arts Center. This rocking retro-comedy takes audiences on a riotous romp through four decades of baby boomer history. No pet rock goes unturned in this musical history tour set to the greatest music of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, with clever parody lyrics, which lampoons the lives of America’s most populous generation. BoomerMania relives those hazy crazy days, flipping quickly through a riotous scrapbook of the fads, fashions, hairstyles, dance styles and events that defined this rebellious generation. If you’re a baby boomer, you can come celebrate your life, if you’re not, come see what you missed!

Alison Friedman in PROTEST scene.

Writer/Directors Debbie Kasper and Pat Sierchio have plugged into the zeitgeist of nostalgia that’s sweeping through boomer-era America. “We boomers love to celebrate our lives and this show gives voice to that sentiment,” the creators say.

“We made a huge contribution to the world, and this show celebrates that,” Sierchio adds. “Our goal was to create a show that was not only entertaining, but would rekindle the past and remind us of the momentous events of our youth.” And the audience response seems to indicate that they have succeeded. “We hear people leaving the theatre sharing their personal memories of the good ol’ days every night,” Kasper says. And many of them return with friends so they can share that experience.”

It’s a Hit!

And indeed they have, the show has quite a following. People come back and then come back again. Some put large groups together and make a party of it. Throughout BoomerMania, there are hundreds of jokes, images, commercials, slogans, phrases, dances and songs that collectively stir up the past in a satirical fashion. But the show also has a lot of heart, as Kasper relates. “Many people tear up at the end. It hits them on a very emotional level. They spend two hours laughing at themselves but leave with a great sense of pride about their lives.”

Take it on the Road

The producers plan to have this show in every city in the country and are already in negotiations with several markets. “We think America will love this show. It’s so broad in its appeal. There are 80 million baby boomers out there and we hope they will all come to see the show — at least twice!”

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