Come Laugh While “Surviving Sex” at the Falcon Theater!


(BURBANK) — Do you enjoy a good guffaw or two or three? Would you like to see Broadway-quality theatre without having to pay Broadway-level prices? Are you interested in an evening of entertainment that will make for a great date you’ll both remember and talk about for a long time afterward? Well, if you can answer affirmatively to any of these questions, then “Surviving Sex,” currently running at the Falcon Theatre, is definitely for you!
“Surviving Sex” presents the story of Stan Cooper, your average accountant with a not so average sex life. He takes the audience right along with him on his adventures out into the unpredictable — but always hilarious — jungle of love. Why does the audience relate so well to him?
“I thought of the guy going to work every day,” explains playwright David Landsberg. “Most people work, most people get up in the morning, they do what they have to do, and no one applauds them. What of that guy? He still needs sex. He still needs all the things that everybody else does.”
“I think a play like this helps us laugh at ourselves a little bit,” says Susan Morgenstern, who directed. “Because I think we’ve all done something goofy at some time in our lives when it comes to sex. I think all of us share Stan’s journey.”
What goes into creating such an entertaining piece of theater? “Someone asked me, ‘Who are you in this play?’” Landsberg says. “I’m everybody. I have to be, otherwise I’d just write it from one point of view, not giving everybody their due. As silly as you make a character, they can have another side: ‘I have passion, I have hopes and dreams, I believe there’s a magic to being alive.’ I try to give them a little humanity.”
“There are always technical challenges even in a living room comedy,” says Morgenstern. “The play is about sex in every scene. I don’t believe there’s a moment of discomfort that anyone who’s an adult would respond to with anything but laughter. That’s a challenge when you’re doing a play about sex.”
Why should people see “Surviving Sex?” “They will laugh out loud and often,” Landsberg says. “They will see a little of their own humanity in this and their own foibles, and they will tell everybody they see, you’ve gotta go see this play. And there’s free parking. And it’s a beautiful theater. It’s not expensive. It’s a wonderful time for you and your family.”
“I think a comedy is always a good thing when times are tough,” says Morgenstern. “To be in a theater audience and have the common experience of laughing with other people, even people you don’t know at all, is a great thing to do at any time and certainly in times when life is harsh.”
“Surviving Sex” runs through Sunday, March 1. The Falcon Theatre is located at 4252 Riverside Drive in Burbank. For tickets or more information, please call the box office at (818) 955-8101. 

Frances O’Brien is a contributing writer for The Tolucan Times.

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