Dr. Stephen McNeese Offers New Cosmetic Procedures, Tidings and Joy


By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

Dr. Stephen McNeese and his award-winning staff. From l, Janet, Joyce, and Jackie.

As the New Year approaches, it’s a great time to look and feel your best. It’s not about looking 25; it’s about looking as youthful, energetic, approachable, and natural as you can for your age. And Dr. Stephen McNeese, selected as the Number One Plastic Surgeon in Burbank for ten of the last eleven years, has ample stocking stuffers to do all of the above.

Located across from St. Joseph Medical Center in the Burbank Media District, Dr. McNeese offers a full menu of plastic surgery procedures including facial and body enhancements. His office is an accredited surgery center, which means it has all the monitoring and safety capabilities of the hospitals.

Always on the forefront of new cosmetic enhancements, Dr. McNeese had plenty to say about the new services he’s offering:

“Up until two or three years ago, plastic surgeons mainly concerned themselves with the smoothing of superficial lines and folds of the face (crow’s feet, laugh lines, etc.). However, recent developments have spurred a change in the approach of evaluating facial appearances. We have progressively found how important tissue volume is.

“As you age, you lose tissue volume in your face: The areas between your chin and cheek, below your eyes, and your temporal area are constantly in transition.” This is where Sculptra-Aesthetic® comes in.

“Sculptra-Aesthetic® stimulates the growth of your own tissue, replacing the lost volume the years have stolen.”

Dr. McNeese at home in his OR.

Released by the FDA two years ago, Dr. McNeese has been immensely pleased with the results of Sculptra-Aesthetic® – and so have his patients. The beauty of this injectable product is it restores tissue volume over time with no surgery or downtime. The results last much longer because the newly generated tissue becomes subject to your aging pattern. It is truly a method of restoring natural, youthful fullness of the facial features without scarring.

Another exciting development exclusive to only a select few in Southern California, Dr. McNeese’s office has been chosen to introduce a new product: Xeomin®.

“An injectable product with the same effect as Botox® and Dysport® but more economical than the other two, Xeomin® relaxes skeletal muscles, resulting in the smoothing of the skin’s surface. Lines and folds on the face are a result of frequent and prolonged muscular contractions in facial expressions. Relaxing muscles below the skin produces a smoothing effect, allowing the skin surface to relax along with muscles,” McNeese states. Xeomin® has proven effective in patients who’ve developed a resistance to other types of similar products.

As a special holiday gift to Burbank and Toluca Lake, Dr. McNeese is offering Xeomin half price for $100 throughout the month of December!

Dr. Stephen McNeese’s office is located at 2701 W. Alameda Ave., Ste. 602, in Burbank. For more information, call (818) 840-8335 or visit him online at www.drmcneese.com.

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