Finally a Children’s Book the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

Seth at age nine.

Seth at age nine.

Morehouse Freshman Seth Fowler and Councilman Tom LaBonge as he holds his signed copy of Fowler’s new children’s book “Cory The Popcorn’s Big Adventure.”

Morehouse Freshman Seth Fowler and Councilman Tom LaBonge as he holds his signed copy of Fowler’s new children’s book “Cory The Popcorn’s Big Adventure.”

In his debut children’s book Cory The Popcorn’s Big Adventure, self-published in August of 2008, Seth Fowler has managed to create a unique world that children and their parents alike will want to read to relive over and over. Intended as a story to be read at bedtime, Fowler delivers endless excitement and valuable lessons. With a surprising wit, inanimate household objects such as coins, mops and vacuums are brought to life with an amazing authenticity. Lively black and white illustrations, done by Fowler himself, of Cory, a lost popcorn kernel, and his friends Bristles, a hair brush with a valley girl accent along with Fro, an afro pick with a Jamaican accent, create an exciting three-dimensional quality that makes readers literally feel as though they are in the adventure journeying through the unknown battling enemies on the quest to help Cory return to his family.
Drawing since the age of two, Seth has always been known to take an idea and produce extraordinary results, but it wasn’t until the tender age of nine that the idea for Cory’s adventure emer-ged. After showing his father a series of sketches of a popcorn kernel running for its life across an intersection, Seth began the process of writing a story to accompany his illustrations. Growing up as an avid reader, Seth was inspired to create a story with a message that would do three things: entertain, educate and encourage. Writing from a personal standpoint, Fowler realized that there were many issues to address in his book that could provide a foundation on which children can learn. Though millions of children’s books strive to teach valuable lessons, few have been successful in achieving the same level of success as Fowler in addressing complex dilemmas such as self worth, overcoming fears and embracing diversity, without abandoning the whimsical fun through dynamic characters.
Recently completing his first year as a business and Spanish double major at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, Fowler is currently working on translating Cory the Popcorn’s Big Adventure into Spanish, as well as working on another children’s book, Terrance the Teddy Bear Has Big Dreams. And as for more on Cory the cute popcorn kernel and his friends we have come to know and love, Fowler, feeling strongly about the book’s ability to reach schools nationwide, is excited about its incredible potential to get picked up by a major publishing house. He also believes that the book has great potential for success as an animated film or cartoon series, and promises that “there is definitely more to come.”

Sara Rustam Associate Publisher, The Tolucan Times

Sara Rustam Associate Publisher, The Tolucan Times

It was such a pleasure to have been asked to read “Cory The Popcorn’s Big Adventure.” This is a children’s book but as I read it, I realized this is a most unique children’s book that includes the family values that parents try to instill in their children.
As a grandmother of six, it brought back such wonderful memories; I laughed, cried and envisioned my grandchildren as they lay listening to whatever I was reading. I would look up and they had just drifted off to sleep.
This children’s book should be in every library, school and book store. It is well-written and read! This book is so healing, and I think it needs to be in every child’s hospital. It will fly off the bookshelves!

God Bless,
Sara Rustam
Associate Publisher,
The Tolucan Times


Believing that we all have a responsibility to use our talents to positively shape the lives of others, Fowler is donating a portion of all book sales to a small charity operating in Adillo, Ethiopia in Africa dedicated to providing food and shelter for those in need. For more information or to order books and contact Seth, visit


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