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By Jennifer Speer

Dr. Leigh Trout graduated from the prestigious University of California Davis Veterinary School.

Have you ever considered whether or not your pet cares about customer service? Whether or not they sense that at their pet hospital they know they will be treated like part of the family; their little tails wagging excitedly and eyes lighting up at the prospect of a visit and a treat and loving care that removes the anxiety of a trip to the vet? Can you imagine? InBurbankthere’s a place with a bright pink sign over a striped awning that looks a bit like a day spa as you walk up … but at this particular spa you won’t find women getting pedicures and facials. No, at this shop you’ll be more likely to see a human waiting for their pet to get cured, or animals licking faces.

MediaCityAnimalHospitalwas recently voted the Readers’ ChoiceBestVeterinaryHospitalin the San Fernando Valleyin the L.A. Times, and there’s good reason for it. Here you will find a team that is truly dedicated to its purpose, with a genuine love of animals … but you’ll find that many places. What’s different aboutMediaCity is their genuine love of customer service, which you don’t see as often. They approach every situation with the philosophy of putting themselves in the client’s shoes and understanding the anxiety and worry that comes with having pets in general, as well as sudden situations of illness or accidents that can really create stress for families. They do everything they can to hear, empathize, and work with their customers to make their experience as painless and productive as possible.

Media City is a paper-light digital practice.

This fantastic team of highly professional, experienced animal lovers has been working closely with pets and people for years, carefully creating their unified vision of an animal hospital that doesn’t leave you feeling out of the loop, or confused and overwhelmed when you get home with your furry family member. Another key element to their success is making it their business to make sure that client learning is a cornerstone of their process, and it has made a huge difference in the way people involve themselves with the pre- and post-care of their animals. It has also made a huge difference in community response, as indicated by their recent victory in the L.A. Times.

Congratulations toMediaCityAnimalHospitaland their great team of professionals for having such a positive effect on their community and the wide variety of creatures great and small that come to them for care. Their team is truly dedicated and enthusiastic, not only about helping animals, but about helping you to help your pets have the healthiest, happiest life they can.

MediaCityAnimalHospitalis located at1509 W. Burbank Blvd.inBurbank.  To learn more visit or call (818) 848-5007.

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