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By Matt Harris

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Boxing and boot camp classes at BAC.

Has tax season left you penniless after the holiday season left you a little too plump? If so, Burbank Athletic Club offers the perfect remedy to most of life’s problems. Considered Burbank’s community fitness club, Burbank Athletic Club has not only reinvented the outdated approaches to becoming fit and healthy, but has also revised the business of gyms. With extremely affordable prices, world-class equipment and personal trainers, owner Greg Bedrossian makes it clear that he is committed to his members, staff, and business, not the status quo. “In running my business, I’m first and foremost a serviceperson. I love providing a lasting investment to my members while cutting out all the usual fitness club baloney.”

For a limited time, a year’s prepaid membership will receive three months free, meaning a fifteen-month gym membership will cost $149.

Bedrossian’s unique business approach is steeped in logical ideas that subvert conventional fitness club business standards and put member’s needs and well-being first. One example of this is the intentionally low, affordable membership prices. Bedrossian says the prices are low to remove financial excuses from fitness and health. “With our membership coming out to about $10/month, it won’t break the bank and if you miss a few weeks or months out of the year, you aren’t losing $200 for nothing. In fact, things like smoking or a couple of lattes at Starbucks end up costing more in a month than a membership.”

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Yoga classes are offered at BAC.

Accessibility is key for Burbank Athletic Club, one of the qualities that sets them apart and has led to such success. But it is not without some illogical detractors, as Bedrossian makes clear. “I’ve heard it said that our prices are low because our business is struggling. I’d like to set it straight that that is absolute nonsense. We have a deliberate price point that fits our mission statement. Personal health shouldn’t have to be a financial weight.”

With a membership you enter a gym community that has trimmed the fat in more ways than one. It’s been found that 98% of gym members never use their facilities’ basketball court or pool, which is why Burbank Athletic Club focuses on high-end strength and cardio equipment, experienced personal trainers, and classes to fit each member’s needs. The club boasts a team of the most qualified personal trainers around. “We don’t have beginners,” Bedrossian says. “I only hire highly trained and experienced fitness professionals for one-on-one sessions and to run our classes.” With prices and benefits like these, you cannot afford missing out.

Look for Burbank Athletic Club sponsoring Child and Family Services at Johnny Carson Park this Saturday, April 27. They will be doing free body fat testing and body composition analysis.

Burbank Athletic Club is located at 2010 N. Hollywood Way and 226 E. Palm Ave. Find out more at or call (818) 954-0021. Expect free Wi-Fi by next month at both locations.

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