Media City Animal Hospital’s Newest Doctor Continues Their Tradition of Excellence


By Cindy Ortiz, Staff Writer

MCAH is located at 1509 W. Burbank Blvd. in Burbank.

Ranking as Burbank’s best by the Burbank Leader, Media City Animal Hospital (MCAH) offers quality veterinary medical services and excellent client communication, focusing on catering to pets’ health needs. But all of this cannot be done without the contribution of a top-quality team, which includes a new addition.

Where she was once a veterinary technician, Dr. Leigh Trout will rejoin the MCAH staff as a licensed veterinarian, excited to serve theBurbankcommunity.

Katie Schneider, manager of the hospital, says they added Dr. Trout because she’s on the same page with the entire staff. “As a recent graduate, Dr. Trout will bring with her the latest trends in Veterinary Medicine,” Schneider added.

“I think every little girl at some point when she’s growing up wants to be a vet,” Dr. Trout said. “I grew up inTexasand we always had stray dogs and cats. As I got older, I became interested in the science behind [animals],” she said.

What Dr. Trout is most fascinated with is the human-animal bond, which was her main motivation in becoming a veterinarian. She said that she could not have gotten through veterinary school without the support of her two rescued cats. “She really understands the relationship between people and their pets,” Schneider told us.

Media City Animal Hospital’s newest addition, Dr. Leigh Trout.

Dr. Trout shared with us about her mentors, Dr. Levitt and Dr. Koskenmaki, who also practice at MCAH. “They’re all just fantastic doctors, conscientious people, and really good role models. They’re the type of vets I aspire to be.”

MCAH’s other two doctors, Dr. Chan and Dr. Fogel, share the idea with the staff that by “providing superior quality medicine and excellent quality service, you really don’t have to think of the hospital from a business point of view,” Schneider said.

In our interview with Dr. Trout, she could not resist boasting of how great the MCAH staff is and her excitement on joining the team. She looks forward to meeting her patients and clients for many years to come and become part of the family, she said.

But why did Dr. Trout choose to practice at MCAH? Other than working with a team that really cares about their patients, she says that they “put a lot of emphasis in forming a relationship with their clients and to have a collaborative process with people and their pets.”

A few of the services provided by the clinic are: general medicine, surgery, dentistry, and a vaccine clinic.

MediaCityAnimalHospitalis located at1509 W. Burbank Blvd.inBurbank.  To learn more about theMediaCityAnimalHospital, visit their website,, or reach them at (818) 848-5007.

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