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By James Shilander

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A new Studio City business is inviting everyone to experience a little bit of pampering. Owner Victoria Hwang said the goal for is to offer something for everyone.

“All of our staff is state licensed, and many have come from different fields, like acupuncture or come from well known companies. All the staff has experience as professional masseurs and masseuses. They’re very young, very professional. That means they’re more open to everyone,” she explained. Professionals were attracted to the location from all over the country, she noted.

Hwang said that her own experience in the massage business taught her that men were the primary customers, and that many women essentially shied away. To counteract this, the business was looking to provide something everyone could enjoy, she said.

“We’re hoping that more women will enjoy the experience of body scrubbing,” she said. “We use special products that remove all of the dead skin and other problems with the skin, making their whole body like a baby’s skin. It lets your skin breathe.”

The goal of the entire process, she said, was to make customers feel relaxed.

The brand new facilities will provide customers with a comfortable, soothing setting for their spa experience.

“We baby them, pamper them, make them feel just like a baby for a couple of hours.”

Hwang said the body scrubbing would be offered to all customers, in conjunction with the massage, although customers can also choose one or the other for various lengths. Each room features massage tables and a bathtub or other area where the body scrubs will be administered, she noted.

Various options for massages will also be available, such as deep tissue or Swedish massages, as well as the options for the use of hot oils or other treatments. Customers will also have the option of a facial as well. In addition, the waiting area will feature reflexology treatments. Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine involving the treatment of the hands and feet as a way of relieving tension and soreness in other parts of the body.

Hwang said the location, near several studio complexes, would also afford its customers with a number of opportunities that other businesses might not give them, such as valet parking and a cozy, living-room type of atmosphere. The location was formerly a day-spa, Hwang said, and many of the same pampering philosophies were being kept. is located at 3747 Cahuenga Blvd. in Studio City, just off the 101 Freeway.

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