Pet Orphans of Southern California is a full service facility for cats and dogs

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Their Vet Clinic now offers extended hours

Pets give us love and joy unconditionally, and in return, we feed, shelter, love and play with them. But what about those animals who don’t have homes or families, those stuck in shelters, waiting for…a friend.

Pet Orphans of Southern California is a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of companion animal well being.

Pet Orphans of Southern California has been finding homes for dogs and cats since 1973. Most of the animals are rescued from shelters to save them from being euthanized. Some are relinquished by owners who, for various reasons cannot keep them any longer. Others are found on the streets by Good Samaritans who know that Pet Orphans is a no-kill facility. What these animals do have in common is that they are adoptable. The goal is to find homes for them so that they can enjoy a life filled with love.

But that is only one function of Pet Orphans of Southern California. In April of this year, they reopened their Vet Clinic on Thursdays. Now, they want the public to know that the hours have been extended to Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for vaccines, and Fridays and Saturdays for exams and surgeries, including spaying and neutering to help control overpopulation, and microchipping to make it easier to find your beloved pal, should he or she somehow get lost. The Vet Clinic provides affordable healthcare, particularly for low income households.

And that’s not all. For your prince or princess there is full service dog grooming Thursday through Sunday to get them ready for a photo shoot. Yes, there are professional pet (and people) photographers available by appointment. Sorry folks, you “people” will have to get spruced up somewhere else.

Winter is coming, and while Southern California doesn’t usually get really cold, you might want a warm loving body to snuggle up with. Tuesday through Sunday, Pet Orphans hosts adoptions. Imagine a chilly (say 65 degree) evening cuddling with a sweet “fur-being.”

Pet Orphans of Southern California is a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of companion animal well being. It is funded by private donations, not government grants. Many who work there are volunteers, who must go through orientation and training before they can perform their functions, whether it be to play with the animals or assist in basic obedience education. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience for all involved.

Other ways to contribute to Pet Orphans is through is through donations.  Make a donation in someone’s name as a gift or in their memory.  Donate supplies, but check the website for what items are acceptable. Pet Orphans is partners with Second Spin of Sherman Oaks, so dropping off your old CDs, video games or DVDs will result in the proceeds going to help the animals.

For more information visit or call (818) 901-0190.


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