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0 was founded by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and Andrea Jones in 2011 with the primary mission of providing the best quality herbal products at a reasonable price. The company goal is to assist people with reclaiming their optimal health by using natural products instead of relying on Western Allopathic medicine’s pharmaceutical drugs. The company adheres to the general philosophy that health begins from within the body itself and cannot be obtained from an external source. The human body can heal or adjust from all degenerative diseases when provided with the adequate tools to correct the problem. Every person has what is often referred to as an “inner physician” or “intelligence” that is capable of repairing any damage inflicted on the body, or taking the necessary steps to preserve life. These tools come in the form of proper nutrition, faith, mindset, energetic healing, and information. All of these tools and many more products can be found on the company website

Our best-selling and most highly recommended product is called the Full Body Detox which was designed by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra in 1999. This Detox consists of six herbal formulas and activated charcoal which are all designed to detoxify all of the major eliminative organs of the body. The herbal formulas are (1) Blood and Lymphatic Formula; (2) Cardio-Vascular Formula; (3) Liver Gallbladder and Spleen Formula; (4) Lungs and Respiratory Formula; (5) Kidney, Bladder, and Adrenal Formula; and (6) Colon Formula; plus activated charcoal which removes 2,000 times its weight in toxins including metals such as aluminum and mercury. There are also over 20 other disease specific and nutrition-based programs available exclusively at

At Djehuty’s Health Store we believe that nature provides a solution to every problem, and based on this belief we have created hundreds of products that can be used by society to either heal themselves or take preventative measures. “Prevention is Better than Cure or Remedy,” however there is a drastic distinction from the early detection practice that the medical industry focuses on. Prevention ensures optimal health, which is preferable to finding out that you are already in the beginning stages of a health crisis.

Finally, when you defer your responsibility of maintaining your own health to anyone else, even a health professional, you are setting yourself up for a less than desirable outcome.

Visit us at or call (888) 823-9416 to obtain more information on how you can begin to take personal responsibility for your own health.

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