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The flu season is almost over – hopefully. But many still struggle with chronic coughs and related effects of illness or dietary imbalance.

The Infrared Jade Sauna restores strength and eliminates discomfort.

One place you can get a comprehensive assessment and natural treatment of your health is The Guardian of Health in their new offices at 4444 Lankershim Blvd, #204 in Toluca Lake.

The Guardian of Health provides a systematic program of solutions to a multitude of health problems. Drawing on ancient traditions, confirmed by current scientific research, The Guardian of Health helps individuals struggling with: pain, allergies, inflammation, weight, cardio-vascular issues, fatigue, aging and more.

Mark Hay, PhD, clinic founder and internationally recognized wellness expert says, “We only use what actually works. This is a rare holistic clinic of bio-individual and genetic wellness.”

The team deciphers your genetic code’s influence on your weight management, body composition, cardio-metabolic health, nutrient absorption and intolerances. After your state-of-the-art analyses, they design a unique WNF plan (Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness). Your best dietary choices can be made with understanding of how your genetic profile affects your physical responses to food you consume.

Implementing the plan detoxifies and rebalances the body through complementary therapies including salt room therapy, infrared jade sauna, colonics, diet and others.

In the Guardian of Health Halotherapy “Salt” Room, clients can detoxify and breathe more easily. Photos by Steve Sherman.

In the Halotherapy “Salt” Room, the breathing of salt infused air and exposure to negative ions in the Himalayan salt wall will assist your body to detoxify, kill microbes and open your air passages.

The Infrared Jade Sauna detoxifies the body while reducing pain, fatigue and stress. For millennia, saunas have refreshed the skin, improved lymphatic circulation and built cardio-vascular endurance.

The benefits of a clean colon are under-appreciated in our high stress society. The Guardian of Health offers two forms of safe, effective lower track waste removal – without chemicals or drugs. This therapy detoxifies the body, boosts the metabolism, reduces brain fog and enhances the absorption of nutrition.

Each person’s genetic make-up determines how they metabolize the nutrients they ingest. “Every diet works. But each works for only 30 percent of the population.” It’s far easier to adopt the correct diet than to adapt oneself into the wrong diet.  “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”

Mark Hay’s staff educates each client in health self-maintenance with an individualized book of exercises and diet recommendations during the first series of treatments.

Replenishing nutritional deficiencies is accomplished via a personalized diet combined with food source vitamins. Research shows the body metabolizes natural vitamins more effectively than chemical vitamins.

Mark Hay, PhD, adds, “There is more misinformation about nutrition and food than ever before. We are here to guide you through the labyrinth of dietary misconceptions so you can become the guardian of your own health.”

For information on the clinic, go to: or call: 818-308-6763.


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