Scott Caan’s No Way Around But Through Premieres at the Falcon Theatre


By Chelsea Sutton

Robyn Cohen stars in “No Way Around But Through.”

After closing an exciting tenth anniversary season, which included a trip down memory lane with Laurel and Hardy and a gaggle of love stories, musicians, and Troubie extravaganzas, Toluca Lake’s own Falcon Theatre is kicking off the summer with a brand new dark romantic comedy, No Way Around But Through, written by Scott Caan and directed by friend and fellow actor Val Lauren.

The play follows Jacob, played by Scott Caan, on the day he discovers his girlfriend Holly might be pregnant. Jacob drags his friend Frank, played by Val Lauren, into the maddening wormhole that is his psyche, a venture that lands them on the doorstep of Lulu: Jacob’s mother and the matriarch of madness herself, played by Academy Award-nominee Melanie Griffith. But Holly and her friend Rachel, played by Bre Blair, are one step ahead of them all.

“Working with Scott Caan is an electrifying experience. There’s something utterly raw about the whole divine procedure,” says Robyn Cohen, who stars alongside Caan and Lauren as Jacob’s girlfriend Holly. “I think it all stems from the depth of his courage … to expose the very truth about what he knows personally about relationships and their complexities.”

From l, Val Lauren and Scott Caan star in “No Way Around But Through,” written by Caan.

Much like Caan, who is using his time off from starring as “Danny ‘Danno’ Williams” on CBS’s updated Hawaii Five-O to work on his play, Cohen is also a veteran of the small screen, having most recently been a series regular on the TV show Gravity for the Starz network, and she is thoroughly enjoying a return to the stage.

“Scott’s plays are symphonic, and the singularity of their music is an absolute joy to play,” says Cohen. “The play’s half bleeding heart/half cave man mentality illuminates the range of human experience. To act with Scott in the very plays he writes feels like being smack in the middle of life itself.”

The Falcon has teamed up with The Mineral Theater Company to bring Caan’s world premiere to the stage, working closely with Mineral’s producer Mike O’Malley, a playwright and actor himself, recently nominated for an Emmy for his role as “Burt Hummel” in Fox’s hit series Glee.

Playing June 1 through July 8, No Way Around But Through is a dark, thoughtful, and quirky romantic comedy about facing the inevitable dysfunctions of life and love head-on, and a reminder to never let where you’ve been get in the way of where you’re going.

“It’s been rich, bewildering, harrowing, inspiring, scary … all the usual things,” says Cohen. “But it’s more, because of who Scott is, and who we must become in the process and in the presence of his play. It’s one of those rare, delicious treats.”

No Way Around But Through is sure to be an inspiring start to an exciting Toluca Lake summer.

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