Universal Studios Hollywood Adds Innovative New Energy Program to Reduce Carbon Emissions


As part of NBCUniversal’s continued efforts to employ the latest in alternative energy, an innovative onsite fuel cell energy system has been installed at Universal Studios Hollywood, enabling the theme park to cut CO2 emissions from its enormous food production operations by 40 percent compared to traditional forms of power generation, an environmental impact equivalent to the planting of almost four acres of trees.

Announcement of the new energy system program built on fuel cell technology coincides with “Green is Universal’s Earth Week, April 17-24,” observed throughout NBCUniversal. The announcement was made jointly by Universal Studios Hollywood and ClearEdge Power, the company that created the theme park’s newly installed fuel cell technology program.

Since embarking upon a sweeping energy-reduction program in 2007, the company has continued to reinforce its commitment to proactively implement sustainable products like the ClearEdge5 and other programs, which drive both business growth as well as satisfy their customers’ demand for energy efficient products and practices.

“The ClearEdge Power stationary fuel cell energy system is a great fit for our needs at Universal Studios Hollywood,” said Russ Randall, Senior Vice President, Technical Services, Universal Studios Hollywood. ”The fuel cell system is an excellent example of the type of innovative solutions that we adopt to address our environmental challenges while helping to demonstrate that new energy solutions are now available to people who want to make a greener choice.”

ClearEdge Power president and CEO Russell Ford said, “NBCUniversal’s thought leadership and action-oriented sustainable practices are a guiding force for companies like ours who are working to bring cost effective alternative energy solutions to businesses and consumers. We are proud to be part of the diverse Universal power system and to provide this same smart energy across the California market and beyond.”

Functioning as a reliable microCHP (combined heat and power) system, four ClearEdge5 energy appliances are installed and currently supporting the power and hot water needs of the Universal production kitchen serving the theme park where reliable heat and power are a necessity. The ClearEdge5 appliances are uniquely equipped for the kitchen’s needs where both hot water for the dishwashers and food prep areas are needed along with electricity.

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