Barbara E. Savin’s ‘Gentle Energy Touch’ teaches emotional and mental healing


Review by John K. Adams

“We all have the power and ability to heal ourselves. Through Barbara, I have discovered what energy work is and can do…within us, and surrounding us. Learning how to engage and shift that energy, has allowed me to embrace a deeper sense of inner calm, balance and peace in my life.” —Christina Aguilera

Barbara E. Savin is a healer. Her new book, Gentle Energy Touch teaches that healing is the most effortless thing for the body. To heal, we need to get out of the way of what comes naturally.

She says, “We are constantly given messages by our mind and body. We choose to act on them or ignore them. We often hear, but don’t listen.”

People block their energy by storing tension, withholding forgiveness, etc. Her grandmother’s words express the essence of Savin’s practice: “Always put God’s healing light around you to protect you from negativity.”

Gentle Energy Touch is a primer on how the body heals and how every individual can tap into that energy. Those unfamiliar with words like chakra, aura, or prana will quickly gain confidence with clear explanations of the concepts behind these ancient terms. The illustrations are clear and informative.

Savin’s book won’t lose the reader in esoteric theorizing. This book is grounded in easy to follow, practical exercises designed to enhance your and others’ health.

The author says, “Gentle Energy Touch will help you enjoy healthier relationships and allow you to heal emotional and mental wounds.” Savin continues, “You have the choice to be sad, angry, violent, sick, addicted and depressed…or happy and healthy. What an incredible feeling, loving yourself, feeling healthy and being who you are meant to be.”

These techniques are powerful. Savin suggests that the reader apply these practices in harmony with a doctor’s awareness. She adds, “The world needs more healing, and more healers. I hope this book will find its way to those who can use it for that purpose.”

Gentle Energy Touch by Barbara E. Savin, via Conari Press, can be purchased through or other book stores. The CD audiobook is also available.

To learn more about the healer and author visit her online at  

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