Book Review by Carol Kaufman Segal: Passion’s Design by Sharon Noble


Sharon Noble.

Sharon Noble is a prolific author who lives in the San Fernando Valley. Passion’s Design is her second published novel (she has already completed and sold her third book). She has a master’s degree in Communications, a minor in English, and teaches English grammar and also English as a second language. It is no wonder that she has a command over the language, in order to write novels with such depth and creativity. Her first novel, Autumn Desire, was categorized as a romance novel, but Ms. Noble describes her books as a blend of romance and women’s fiction. Passion’s Desire is more sensuous than her first novel; her characters, imagery and plot are all very fascinating.

Top designer Rosalind Hughes arrives in Columbia, South America, to create the gowns for the wedding of a young woman from a wealthy family whose marriage has been arranged by her father to a local gentleman of another aristocratic family. On her arrival, Rosalind accidentally meets Julio and is immediately attracted to him. She becomes like a sister to the bride, Margarita, and the Fernandez family treats her as one of their own. When she discovers that Julio is the groom-to-be, however, her life becomes tormented by her infatuation, but she knows that she came to do a job and continues her work. Rosalind is not aware that Julio is tormented as well: he cannot get Rosalind out of his mind after their first encounter. Since years ago he made a pledge to his father to join the two wealthy families, he does his best to stay the course. Will this dilemma ruin the lives of all involved?

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