Drawings from the Left, or Parkinson’s Pictures by James Tim Walker


James Tim Walker.

James Tim Walker is an Emmy Award winning animator, director and producer. He has worked for every major studio for over four decades, which includes Hanna-Barbera, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and MGM, to name a few. Born in 1948, he says his goal from the age of five was to be an animator, and his goal was accomplished when he began his career in the summer of 1969 in a feature film called Shinbone Alley. In 2006, Walker began to notice a weakness in his right arm that turned out to be diagnosed as Lateral Parkinson’s Disease on his right side, which affects his entire right side. He made up his mind to accept his condition, saying, “I’ve got it, I accept it and I’m moving on…the right side doesn’t work; why can’t I teach myself to draw left-handed? — like it was nothing!” And that is exactly what he did. Not only has he perfected his drawings by using his left hand, he is still working in animated film and has written a book about his ordeal.

Walker’s book, Drawing from the Left, or Parkinson’s Pictures, is his story of challenge and perseverance. It is interesting, inspirational, humorous and uplifting. His drawings feature those prior to his condition, followed by his first “drawing from the left” on June 11, 2007, with pages of drawings in succession through February 22, 2010. His book is available at www.amazon.com. Also, Mr. Walker will be signing his book at the San Diego Comic Book Convention at the Van Eaton Animation Art Galleries Art Booth on Saturday, July 23.

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