Ending Addiction for Good


T21-14-EDIT-Cliffside MalibuEnding Addiction for Good is perhaps the most important book on addiction recovery written in decades. Authors Richard Taite and Constance Scharff, PhD lead the reader through a clear and rational understanding of what addiction really is – a behavioral disorder that with quality treatment can be overcome. Taite and Scharff should know; they are both recovered addicts who share how they overcame their addictions to help and inspire others. Taite used his experience to found the elite Cliffside Malibu addiction treatment center. Scharff earned a PhD specializing in addiction recovery and is now a leading addiction researcher, speaking worldwide on the science of addiction and addiction recovery.

Using their combined expertise, Taite and Scharff lay out for the reader the highest quality treatment program available to addicts and share the exact actions that make long-term addiction recovery possible. Their treatment begins with the “Stages of Change” personal transformation model. This model allows psychotherapists to intervene with addicts at their level of readiness to change, allowing even those who have not “hit bottom” to recover. Dr. James Prochaska, the creator of the “Stages of Change” model, is one of the world’s leading psychologists and has endorsed Ending Addiction for Good.

Taite and Scharff continue, outlining a host of evidence-based protocols, that when provided on a highly individualized basis, form the groundwork for long-term recovery. These treatments include a variety of holistic therapies and intensive one-on-one psychotherapy to address the underlying causes of a person’s addiction. In combination, these therapies address the whole person, creating recovery on all levels.

More information on the Amazon best-selling book Ending Addiction for Good is available at EndingAddictionForGood.com. The book is available in paperback, audiobook, and e-book formats from Amazon.com and all major online retailers. One hundred percent of the authors’ proceeds from the book are given to charity, to help those in need of recovery.

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