‘Eros of Angels’ salutes Los Angeles in poetry


Radomir Vojtech Luza turns his dramatic survival from the streets of Los Angeles into touching poetry offering light and inspiration in how to live life in his book Eros of Angels: A Collection of Poetry and Prose. The book combines his work over a two-three year period revealing his “trip from skid row to literary row.”

Born in Vienna, Austria to Czechoslovakian parents, Luza fell in love with poetry when he was eight-years-old, recognizing how its wordplay and language lay bare feelings behind words. Luza describes poetry as “a way to express the world at large on a small piece of paper.”

Eros of Angels reveals his personal journey from living on the streets of Los Angeles into a fulfilled life, showing what the city is and what it stands for. The poetry serves as therapy for him, helping him work out problems, to “see things from a different point of view.”

In his poem “Daddy Put the Typewriter Down,” he comes to understand his father’s long hours trying to help free the Czechoslovakian people:

“Daddy, your trembling hands

Belie a strength sautéed in

Prague Spring and sand

Love and Land.”

Luza’s poem “Basically Blurred” describes the short distance between struggle and success is sometimes something as small as confidence:

“Maybe the path

Between what

Was and what

Might be was

No Path at all.”

Luza reveals how poetry is like music with its own rhythm and beat, with the poet taking language and bending it to his own benefit. He says, “In the fertile soil of this soul, language is the ground and I am the hoe.”

He hopes his work exposes and inspires others to read poetry and then employ it to explore their lives.

Radomir Vojtech Luza’s “Eros of Angels: A Collection of Poetry and Prose” is available online at ErosofAngels.com, at $27.95 for a soft cover and $3.99 for an eBook.

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