‘Honor, Fate and Faith’ a spiritual Western


Review by John K. Adams

This is a story that demands telling and only author Dennis Ricotta could tell it.

Cast as a traditional western, this expansive novel focuses upon Mason Caldwell’s extended family. When Caldwell returns from the Civil War, he reunites with his wife and now-adult children on their Texas ranch. He suffers from crippling wounds, delivered by “friendly fire” which, as it turns out, was none too friendly.

What makes this western remarkable is Ricotta’s historically informed attention to the Caldwell family’s daily spiritual life. The Caldwell’s deep Christian faith guides their dramatic, humorous and sometimes violent interactions with relatives, friends and enemies in their journey to repentance and forgiveness.

The Caldwells face physical disability, vengeful outlaws, gamblers and a variety of (family- friendly) romantic encounters in this action-filled saga. Their consistent exercise of their belief in a personal Savior illuminates the era like few westerns do. Not merely reserved for an hour on Sunday, this family’s faith in Jesus is integral to their daily lives. And their faith is rewarded as the family grows in size and spirit.

A 47-year veteran of the motion-picture industry, Ricotta adapted his movie script into a novel with the editorial assistance of Susan Kennedy. He tells this story with gentle humor and passion.

Ricotta never received formal training in the ministry. “I guess I just paid attention when I was literally called out by the Lord. I just want to honor God, and show how His love and forgiveness is out there for anyone that wants it” says Ricotta.

The novel is suitable for group discussion or for enjoying all by oneself.

Dennis Ricotta plans to release his second novel, Crown of Thorns, this year.

Order “Honor, Fate and Faith” through DennisRicotta.com, Amazon.com or WestBowPress.com in print or Kindle editions.

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