Intrigue, Wealth, and Power at the Heart of Stephen Maitland-Lewis’ Ambition


By Lorenzo Marchessi

Nathan Sternfeld copyright 2010.

Stephen Maitland-Lewis.

The suits on Wall Street may not appreciate this interesting and evocative novel, but readers sure will. It’s a story of corruption as you’ve never seen it before, shining a light on the wheeling and dealing of greed and, yes, overzealous Ambition.

“The core plot of Ambition deals with fraud, and it’s based on a true story, real events,” says author Maitland-Lewis. “A major bank was the victim of this extreme scandal and many, many millions were involved due to the actions of one Wall Street trader and his few accomplices – leading up to and including selling off the bank!”

Ambition has strong characters with realistic familial relationships. It has all the makings of a first-rate thriller with several surprising twists as the plot unfolds through each chapter, complementing the book as a whole.

T19-14-ENT-Ambition 2“The grandfather is based upon an eminent banker who was, in fact, the chairman of the bank that was victimized,” Maitland-Lewis explains. “He was highly respected and revered and, after 40 years of service, the bank tried to cover it all up!”

What impressed me most about the book was the rich characterization, along with their interactions in realistic situations, the sign of good drama. Ambition can, and does, destroy the lives of countless people.

Ambition aptly explores many themes, from the very wealthy and the women who try to achieve the laurels of “high society,” to the price of what makes deception and fraud really work.

Stephen Maitland-Lewis is an award-winning author, a British attorney, and a former international investment banker. His first novel, Hero on Three Continents, received numerous accolades. His second novel, Emeralds Never Fade, is the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award winner in the category of Historical Fiction and the 2011 Written Arts Award winner for Best Fiction.

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