Let’s Read… Farmer’s Market Desserts


It seems that every major city and even some small towns across the country have farmer’s markets these days. They’re a great chance to purchase fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

But what can be creatively done once the novelty of having the produce on hand wears off?

Farmer’s Market Desserts, written by Jennie Schacht and published by Chronicle Books, provides delicious answers to that question.

The book offers recipes for just about any item available at a farmer’s market. The recipes are divided into categories such as Stone Fruits, Basket of Berries, Autumn Harvest, Winter Citrus, Vegetables and Tropical Fruits and even Honey, Maple Syrup and Market Jam recipes. There are even delightfully creative suggestions for using marketplace dried fruits, nuts and herbs. Strawberries and Cream Cake Roll, Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes, Nectarine Blueberry Cobbler, Key Lime Bars, Roasted Pumpkin Pie in Maple-Pecan Crust, Cranberry-Pecan Tart in Cocoa Crust, Avocado Velvet and Chocolate Prune Walnut Torte are just a sampling of dishes to be explored in the book.

Lush photography is a key element of Farmer’s Market Desserts and credit must be given to Leo Gong for the mouth-watering photos.

Recipes are painstakingly written, making it seem possible for anyone to attempt the dishes mentioned. Helpful segments of the book also include the basics about a visit to a farmer’s market, what’s in season when and what to do with the items once you get them home. There’s also a segment on equipment needed to create the masterpieces.

The book is luscious to look at and inspires the reader not only to get out and attend farmer’s markets, but to do more than eat in their natural state the grapefruit, oranges, figs, pears, carrots and other items once you get them home.

Farmer’s Market Desserts would make a lovely gift for a cook who wants to experiment with fun new ways to turn basic items into year-round treats.

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