Mary Mann’s There Are No Enemies: A Practical Philosophy of Life Second Edition Is Thought Provoking


Mary Mann.

Mary Anneeta Mann is a well-educated, deep thinking, philosophical native of Australia and a longtime Angeleno who has demonstrated her considerable writing talents across many genres. Her latest book There Are No Enemies covers a lot of territory as it is a collage in artistic expression in philosophy derived from Aristotle, drama, and poetry. In fact, Mann describes her book as “a practical philosophy of life.”

A special highlight in this second edition of There Are No Enemies is that the author delves into the challenging work of bringing money into harmony with organic nature.

To Mann the human conscience is a vital part of philosophy. “The conscience,” she points out, “is a gift from God… We all have consciences, we just don’t always listen to them, and we know when we don’t.” Further expanding, she also emphasizes that the use of money is controlled by the conscience.

This is the type of book that you can go through the Table of Contents to see what intrigues you and start there. There is probably something for everyone and not everyone would be interested in all the topics. However, this book is one that triggers discussion and debate and reaches into one’s subconscious. It just might be a strong choice for book clubs who want something to think about with a lively discussion. The author prides herself in that this is a book written in love and delivered with love.

For further information about the author or to order a copy, visit, or you can also purchase it on Amazon.

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