Robin Hood and Witchcraft

Brenda Marshall, author of “Robin.”

Brenda Marshall, author of “Robin.”

Robin, a historical adventure novel by Brenda Marshall, explores the life of Robin Hood, but there’s no Sheriff of Nottingham, Sherwood Forest, or Richard the Lionheart. The story takes place in a different location 100 years later.

Robin follows his life from age seven until his death at 56. A forester, Robert Hode lives in Wakefield in northern England where his mother is active in the Craft. Known for his philandering ways, Robert’s behavior changes when he marries Matilda.

Summoned to fight against the army of King Edward II, Robert flees the disastrous battle and searches Barnsdale Forest for a hermit he met as a child. Robert becomes the leader of a band of outlaws, calling himself Robin Hood and his bride, Maid Marion, and they conduct erotic ceremonies with Robin serving as High Priest and Marion as High Priestess. Intrigued by legends of the infamous outlaw who robs the rich and helps the poor, King Edward invites the couple to serve him in the Tower of London.

A former newspaper reporter from Birmingham, England, the author began writing Robin in 1979 after a visit to the London Dungeon where an inscription suggested that Robin Hood and his men were a coven of witches. She began detailed research, stored the completed manuscript away then, in November 2012, decided to self publish. A book signing will be held at Barnes & Noble in Studio City on Saturday, May 4, from 2 to 5 p.m.


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