Sins of the Fathers Finds Salvation

Author of “Sins of the Fathers” Denise Buchanan.

Author of “Sins of the Fathers” Denise Buchanan.

Painful issues can imprison victims in destructive patterns, unable to let go and fully embrace dreams and happiness. Denise Buchanan similarly found herself stuck after suffering dark tragedies as a young woman. She finds a way to free herself of her painful past, and expressively recounts it in her new book, Sins of the Fathers: A True Story of Rape and Deception in the Catholic Church … and Spiritual Renewal. Buchanan’s book reveals her courageous journey past shame, guilt, and betrayal, offering a positive message of spiritual healing and hope.

In her book, Buchanan describes being sexually molested by a priest at the age of 17, and her slow journey towards healing and spiritual renewal. Her book gives voice to the many abused girls and young women molested by priests who suffer in silence.

Buchanan felt it was time to let go of her secrets after hearing the growing numbers of stories about children abused by Catholic priests. Her anger forced her to speak out, to give help and hope to victims looking for peace and release. Over the year and a half it took her to write, Buchanan found her anger giving way to joy and happiness, with the process serving as marvelous therapy. She learned to forgive and move on.

Years of religious study helped Buchanan realize that life is about learning and letting go of secrets to liberate oneself from destructive emotions and experiences. Forgiving oneself allows healing, closure, and a more expansive life. Buchanan states that, “Through my experience, I learned to use whatever showed up in my life as a lesson and an opportunity to awaken to my spiritual beauty. I gained confidence and wisdom to truly live a life of love.”

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