Studio City-based writer, photographer Maggie Lynch publishes first-ever book ‘For You’


Studio City-based writer, photographer Maggie Lynch offers us her first-ever book – For You, a pictorial comprised of colorful and contemplative photographs taken on her many travel adventures and interspersed with eloquent and inspirational writings. A small book that is easily transportable, it is also available on Kindle.

Lynch is a Harvard educated “healer/teacher” who hopes her book, “Connects you to a deeper part of life.” From the piece entitled “The Unknown You,” she beckons you to go within:

You are layered deeper

Than you’ve ever been

Even with so many parts of you

Deep in the unknown

The unknown you is only one step away…

On the opposite page of “Unknown” is a corresponding picture, split vertically in two. On the left side is blank whiteness; on the right a crescent moon shining down over a glowing city on a dark night. Is there light through and beyond the darkness? Perhaps. Like a painting, a photograph allows for interpretation. While Lynch writes brief and profound prose related to the dramatic photo, this really is a picture worth a thousand words.

The reader might also be interested in visiting Lynch’s website to see a list of her shooting locations, which are predominately in the continental U.S. but she’s also captured light in Hawaii and Ireland.

Ponder the words from “Fall in Love” which speak of embracing your very soul:

How can you fall in love with


You don’t admit to having?

How can you fall in love with


That has so much power

over you?…

The New York-born artist considers her book “Food for thought.” But it is not all seriousness. We are invited to let our hair down in “Fun”:

It’s going to be fun

Remembering past fun

Imagining future fun

I hold the full feeling of fun

While I am eating or

Brushing my hair

It is my choice

I choose fun

Side by side with her “Fun” words are celebratory images of helium filled balloons, with only strands of golden ribbon keeping them from soaring upward.

Visit for information on ordering “For You” and also her upcoming book “Endless More.” 

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