The Essence of Religions


By Lorenzo Marchessi

Adobe Photoshop PDFIn Christophor Coppes’ book The Essence of Religions he seems to posit that being critical and appreciative of all major religions is a good perspective. However, if you — like me – are skeptical of any religion that claims superiority over another one, Coppes mostly wants to steer readers away from the fringe beliefs that dangle all around. He believes we can find common ground, making for a fascinating topic as this book provides yet another perspective on religion.

Basically he says that the core all major religions can be discovered hiding in the commonality of Near Death Experiences (NDE). Apparently and often, when people recover from near death, they recall an ineffable sensation of an afterlife experience. The themes of this afterlife experience seem to be things like no judgment of yourself, the connection with all living beings, the unconditional love while we are bathed in the Light, and finally, that everyone seems equally important, often with their own specific task and purpose to contribute to the world.

What I realized in reading this book is that Coppes uses the phrase “Unity Universe” to describe this connectedness, and cites common teachings and philosophies throughout the religions around the world. The author spends a chapter each on Hinduism (the religion which teaches that while many gods are worshipped, there is but One Entity), Buddhism (the ultimate human goal is nirvana-like state of being, with its lack of self), Judaism (with its teaching that life is the “breath of God”), Christianity (with its emphasis on perfect Love), and finally Islam (which has an interesting and extremely controversial afterlife concept).

The book is a short read and full of ideas and concepts that put all religions on equal ground. I am not a fan of political and religious rhetoric, but this at least talked about all religions equally, from Coppes’ point of view.

The Essence of Religions, written by Christophor Coppes, is published by SelectBooks Inc. ( and is available wherever books are sold.

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