Pet Orphans of Southern California is seeking a full-time veterinarian

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Their diverse client services promote rescue, rehabilitation and responsible pet ownership

Are you a veterinarian looking for a new opportunity? Pet Orphans of Southern California is looking for a full-time Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) to run the Vet Clinic. This rewarding job comes with benefits—medical, dental and vision plus a seminar allowance. To apply, email:

Pet Orphans of Southern California is looking for a full-time Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to run the Vet Clinic. This rewarding job comes with benefits— medical, dental and vision and seminar allowance. To apply, email:

Call the Pet Orphans Vet Clinic at (818) 901-0190 Ext. 21 or 35 to book an appointment. Services include vaccinations, deworming and parasite treatment, microchipping, spaying, neutering and various surgeries. Veterinary exams are affordable and many other treatments and diagnostics are available.

Since 1973, Pet Orphans has been finding homes for adoptable dogs and cats. It is a non-profit organization funded by private donations. Many of the staff members are volunteers that they train for specific services, such as animal socialization and adoption counseling. Volunteers are always needed; both adult and junior programs are available. The team is the backbone of this organization, and the rewards are great. Rescuing, rehabilitating and finding new homes for the homeless pets is their goal. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?

Monetary donations are also accepted. There are several ways to help. Celebrate a special occasion or the memory of a loved one by donating in his/her name. Or, when you’re ready to purge your collection of music, movies or video games, drop them off at Pet Orphans. They partner with Spin City/Sherman Oaks to ensure the proceeds go to help homeless animals. For future generations of animal rescue, you can leave a legacy to the facility. Donations of supplies are also needed, particularly kitty litter, canned puppy food and laundry detergent.

Pet Orphans of Southern California is offering some specials beginning this month. For the entire month of April, cat adoption has been reduced to only $50. For new customers, dog grooming is $10 off through Monday, July 1. (Prices vary according to the size and breed of the dog.) And only in the months of April and May, new patients can get $10 off the first appointment at the Vet Clinic. Dog grooming services and photography sessions are available on- site. Get Rover or Fifi a makeover, then a photo, and you have the perfect gift for loved ones at a distance.

Most of the cats and dogs at Pet Orphans are rescued from shelters to prevent them from being euthanized. They only take in adoptable animals that do not pose a danger to the public. Some of these pets have been surrendered by individuals who, for whatever reason, are unable to care for them any longer. Some are strays or have been abused. Pet Orphans cannot guarantee a spot for every animal due to space, but ideally would like to find good, new and happy homes for each and every one.

For more information call (818) 901-0190 or visit Pet Orphans is located at 7720 Gloria Ave. in Van Nuys.


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