Pets, seniors and selling your house

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By Gigi Santoro, Santoro
and Sons Real Estate Group

I love my dog. He is an 11-year-old black standard poodle named Francois and you can see him on our website: He goes with me almost everywhere. 

Realtor Gigi Santoro and her pal Francois.

Francois, at a young age, was trained to have a “job.” He visits patients at St. Joseph Hospital, kids at schools, clients who love dogs, the office for some levity and walks around the neighborhood to meet people. I happen to think he is a special guy. So, when my clients are ready to sell their house and they have a pet or pets, I keep a close eye on the transition. 

Francois’s advanced age, 77 human years, means he has less energy and we have to factor in his attention span. At a recent vet visit, Dr. Chan from Media City Animal Hospital said that Francois was in great health but being a “senior” dog he needed some extra medicine for his arthritis. I had to learn how to give him an injection twice a month. I am “needle-phobic,” but we did it together and it has made a huge difference for him. I had to listen to the vet and learn to do something I was afraid of and give Francois a shot.

If you are considering moving but feel afraid to take on the challenge, I believe without question there is no better realtor for seniors than myself. I have so many resources that help my clients take the bite out of moving that all of my senior clients will tell you the sale and move turned out better than they anticipated. 

We have sold homes for seniors and families that are in complete chaos. This happens sometimes after 40-plus years of living in the same house — we accumulate stuff. That stuff is our life, but it can weigh us down and can make the decision to move difficult. Is this something you might be experiencing? Don’t let it get to you – my team and I can really make a difference and help you move forward in your life with as little drama as possible. And don’t worry—I have seen it all, so I am sure your situation is not the worst.

The market in the Toluca Lake, Burbank, Glendale and surrounding areas is on fire. Great houses are not staying on the market long and interest rates have held steady over the past couple of months. We are coming into springtime and renewed energy. Call me to discuss your options.  You have options. Don’t let fear make you think otherwise.

Call Gigi Santoro at (818) 237-5687 or go to our website: and click the “Senior Section” of our website to find out more information. I hope to hear from you soon!


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