Burbank gynecologist Dr. Steven Rabin calls ‘MonaLisa Touch’ the ‘Menopause Holy Grail’

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Menopausal changes can affect your quality of life in unexpected and disruptive ways. There’s one menopausal symptom that does not get better with time and now it’s OK to talk about it. Dryness, itching, pain and the loss of elasticity characterize vaginal atrophy. When estrogen levels decline after menopause vaginal atrophy occurs and it does not improve with time. These symptoms affect your ability to sit, exercise, travel and can make intercourse difficult, if not impossible.

Dr. Rabin’s 24 years of experience allows him to practice his love of “detective work” while focusing on the hormonal, structural and sexual aspects of gynecology. Photos by Steve Sherman.

The MonaLisa Touch Laser is the answer to get back to a younger you. Burbank gynecologist Dr. Steven Rabin, MD, explains,  “We now have a proven therapy that promotes a return to vaginal health for millions of women. This is a perfect solution for women who cannot or choose not to use hormone therapy. This therapy provides a new solution for the 25 percent of women who use hormones but still find their dryness problem unresolved.”

This procedure promotes increased collagen and elastin production, restoring vascularity and vitality all of which helps restore tissue moisture levels and elasticity. FDA approved in 2014, Dr. Rabin began offering the procedure just months after its release.

According to Dr. Rabin, “You don’t need to accept these changes as an inevitable part of your life. There is no good reason to suffer from these troubling and persistent menopausal symptoms.” Yet many women still suffer in silence.

Dr. Rabin’s expertise in gynecology spans 24 years of focused attention to the root causes of problems. His gynecology-only practice allows him to focus on the whole woman. “Finding a safe effective solution for my patients who cannot or choose not to use hormones is a real game changer. This is especially good news for those with a diagnosis of breast cancer, as hormones may not be an option. These cancer survivors have been left with no real solutions until now,” he says.

Schedule a visit to see Dr. Rabin and discuss this revolutionary answer to menopausal symptoms.

MonaLisa Touch uses Fractional CO² Laser Therapy to restore vaginal tissue to a pre-menopausal state. This in-office treatment provides significant lasting relief without sedation, medications, hormones or side effects. “The treatment is virtually painless, takes only 5-6 minutes to perform, and you can go home right afterwards,” says Rabin.

Dr. Rabin was one of the first U.S. gynecologists to offer this treatment, and he speaks internationally and now trains other physicians in the safe use of this technology.

This life-changing procedure’s safety and effectiveness are well documented. “In the research studies, they did before and after tissue biopsies, the dramatic improvement demonstrates scientific proof that this is real,” explains Dr. Rabin. “What previously looked like paper-thin tissue is transformed into the healthy tissue you’d expect to see in a 30-year-old woman.” After the first of their three treatments, Dr. Rabin’s patients are already experiencing significant results. A single yearly maintenance treatment is recommended.

Men can experience sexual function and health into their 80s and 90s with a little blue pill, and now women can enjoy similar benefits.

Schedule a visit to see Dr. Rabin to see if you are a candidate. He will personally work with you to help you make well-informed choices and feel vibrant and comfortable during this time of life.

Steven A. Rabin, MD, FACOG is the Medical Director of Advanced Gynecology Solutions, located at 3808 W Riverside Dr., Suite 503, in Burbank. For more information, videos, appointment requests and a free symptom survey, visit MONA45.com or call (818) 843-8700.



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