Burbank’s Handy Market: More than just a charming grocery store

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By Laura Voeth

Handy Market stocks liquor and wines and a vast array of craft beers. They also offer free home delivery within a five mile radius with a minimum $50 purchase.

Walking into Handy Market on Magnolia Blvd. near Buena Vista St. in Burbank is always a delightful experience. This charming store has everything: greeting cards, toiletries, wines from around the world, liquor and craft beers, cookies and candies. The produce aisle sports a colorful array of the freshest fruits and vegetables delivered daily from local growers. In the service deli you can order luscious sandwiches, piled high with hand sliced meats and crisp veggies. The butcher department is well stocked with a huge variety of succulent meats, and staffed by thoughtful and knowledgeable butchers.

But for owner Alan Arzoian, whose father, Harry, opened Handy Market in 1970, selling groceries was not enough. So, in 1980, Alan Arzoian created a craft services arm of the business, later naming it “Sunrise to Sunset Catering.” Since then, they have provided catering and craft services for local businesses, private parties and the motion picture industry, offering a variety of menu options from platters to full service, on- site catering—all competitively priced and of superb quality. The food is made to order—nothing is precooked. Handy Market also offers free home deliveries within a five mile radius with a minimum $50 purchase.

…it is refreshing to encounter a warm and cordial family-owned store that is so affordable.

Too tired to cook? Drop by Monday through Friday from 5pm until about 8:30pm and pick up a meal to go. An entrée and two sides for only $7.99. $7.99?? That is unbelievable! Whether you are hosting a special event, wedding or holiday party, or just dinner for two, Handy Market can help.

Arzoian is the kind of owner who works side by side with his efficient, friendly staff, striving to maintain the high standards set by his father. But he really enjoys chatting with his customers as well, some of whom have been patrons for years. In this age of “big box” stores and impersonal supermarket chains, it is truly refreshing to encounter a warm and cordial family-owned store that is so affordable.

Saturdays at Handy Market are loads of fun. From 9am to 6:30pm there is an open-air barbecue right outside the store. People line up to watch their favorite meats expertly cooked to perfection. Tri-tip, pork ribs, chicken, turkey leg, sausages and corn on the cob sizzle on the grill. The aroma is captivating. Drive by with the car windows down, and you will find yourself being drawn to the festivities.

If you don’t want to wait outside, you can get mouth watering sandwiches inside at the deli, along with homemade soups and salads. On Sunday mornings, regulars delight in the yummy breakfast burrito, made with barbecued meat, eggs, potatoes and cheese.

A trip to Handy Market feels like being transported back in time, when the quality and value of a product was a priority, and the customer was king (or queen).

Handy Market is open daily and located at 2515 W Magnolia Blvd., just west of Buena Vista in Burbank. Call (818) 848-2500.


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