Burbank’s romancing the bean (and more) is a labor of love

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Owner Kerry Krull is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute

It takes a unique individual to run a successful restaurant. There is hard work and long hours, dealing with purveyors, staff and customers, keeping food quality consistent and costs manageable. Not for the weak or faint of heart, certainly. But two restaurants? That’s what Kerry Krull, owner of romancing the bean and The New Deal is doing. And doing quite well.

The Krull Family – Kerry Krull (left) with son Ramsey and daughter Kendra.

It wasn’t always easy. romancing the bean (all lower case) is Krull’s fourth cafe in the Burbank area. When she decided to try again, her loved ones discouraged her. In the past, restaurants had taken a toll on her health. But she had taken a two year break and was ready to dive back in.

Her vision was a European- style cafe with delicious food made with fresh, organic ingredients. She found a space on Magnolia Blvd. and went to work. With the help of her daughter and son, romancing the bean was born. It’s a lovely spot to enjoy salads, sandwiches, coffee and tea, inside or on the front patio.

But Krull didn’t stop there. A block away, on the corner, was a space she coveted. When it became available, she grabbed it, and created The New Deal, a 1930s-style restaurant, serving hormone-free, grass fed meats. The bar features craft beers and wines from boutique wineries.

One of her favorite customer comments is that her food ‘tastes clean.’

It hasn’t hurt that Krull graduated from Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute. Although she has excellent chefs, she does do some of the cooking herself, ensuring that both businesses maintain her high standards. One of her favorite customer comments is that her food “tastes clean.” The ingredients she insists upon may be more expensive, but they do make a difference.

So, what is it like to be a woman in business maintaining two restaurants? Of course, one must have a great work ethic. Krull loves what she does, and although some days are tough, others are fantastic. Who would have imagined that after her last cafe closed (and she was broke and exhausted) that she would rise like a phoenix and create not one, but two, highly successful businesses. She has even been honored with awards, including Outstanding Women in Business of 2018, (sponsored by Senator Anthony Portantino) and Best Chef. Wow. romancing the bean also received kudos from Spotlight Green Restaurant Awards for being eco-friendly.

To help promote nightlife in the Magnolia Park district, Krull intends to expand the hours of romancing the bean in the spring, staying open until 9pm Monday through Saturday.

Kerry Krull had a dream, and made it happen—proving it can be done.

romancing the bean cafe is located at 3413 West Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank. Visit romancingthebeancafe.com for more information.


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