Cinema Secrets is your Halloween Headquarters Iconic makeup and special effects retailer kicks-off season

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By Clint Lohr

With the onset of the Halloween season, things are getting busier and scarier at Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake.

Become someone else at Cinema Secrets! “Every year we book clients for makeup appointments on Halloween Day and throughout Halloween weekend. We’ll have artists here from 6am to 8pm,” says Cinema Secrets’ Brand Manager Jon Stein.
Photos by Sidney Kassouf.

In the wake of the latest It film, inspired by Stephen King’s novel, there has been an uptick in requests for scary clown makeup and accessories, says Cinema Secrets’ Brand Manager Jon Stein. “It’s still early in the season, but we’re already seeing a lot of demand for It-inspired makeup. We have a wide assortment of Halloween costumes, wigs, accessories and more!” Cinema Secrets is a family business, co-owned by Stein and his uncle Danny Stein.

Each Halloween season, entertainment industry clients and others come in to be made up for the parties they are attending. “Every year we book clients for makeup appointments on Halloween Day and throughout Halloween weekend,” says Jon. “We’ll have artists here from 6am to 8pm, and we will be going nonstop. This has always been an extremely popular service we provide for our customers and the feedback is always great. We have many repeat clients who have returned to us year after year to bring their Halloween to life.” In addition to makeup, foam prosthetics may also be used in the creations, such as the “Belle’s Beast” character, mentioned on the company’s website.

Also on their website, Cinema Secrets boasts of “being your secret weapon” to aspiring stars or women going for their next promotion, early morning call times, going on the catwalk as a model, on the set, the Red Carpet during a Hollywood event or for partying on Sunset Boulevard.”

Be a hero! Wonder Woman costumes and much more are available this year at Cinema Secrets in Toluca Lake.

Maurice Stein, Danny’s father and founder of Cinema Secrets as well as a makeup artist to the stars, has been credited in over 200 films, numerous television shows and over 4,000 commercials. The makeup and accessories at Cinema Secrets have been developed to meet the needs of the entertainment industry.

“Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics is our in-house cosmetics brand,” Jon explained, “featuring a wide range of foundations which remain popular in the entertainment industry. A lot of repeat makeup artist clientele come in to shop our brand, particularly our Makeup Brush Cleaner, which is an industry favorite sold nationwide through Sephora.

“We offer year-round discounts to employees within the entertainment industry and carry a wide array of other brands in both the cosmetic, skin care and hair care worlds. We are first and foremost makeup specialists, and have everything you need to transform yourself with special effects makeup and prosthetics. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on having an educated staff that can help guide customers through what products to use, and more importantly, how to use them,” he said.

Cinema Secrets cosmetics are distributed in eight different countries including the U.S.

For further information visit or call (818) 846-0579. Cinema Secrets is located at 4400 Riverside Dr., Suite 110, in Toluca Lake.


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