Painless, state-of-the-art technology at Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dr. Nilesh Pema announces Grand Re-opening of Toluca Lake practice with 3D imaging, crowns while you wait and much more

Dr. Nilesh Pema and his staff recently moved to a new facility on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake.
photos by Steve Sherman.

The future is alive and resides at the new offices of Nilesh Pema, D.D.S., at Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry in Toluca Lake. Dr. Pema and his staff celebrate their Grand Re-opening in a new building, east of Lankershim on Riverside Drive, after 14 years at their previous Toluca Lake location.

Dr. Pema employs technology previously imagined only by fans of science fiction movies. In his skilled hands, clients can receive full or partial crowns in a fraction of the time previously experienced. And all without pain.

As Dr. Pema describes it, “Average dentists may know teeth (hopefully), but I also know computer imaging.” With Dr. Pema’s state-of-the-art dental imaging technology, he creates a 3D image of the affected tooth with magnification down to the micron level. This powerful imaging technology allows the creation of a perfectly fitting crown, or a partial crown in-lay or on-lay.

The ability to create a partial crown means Dr. Pema can retain much of the client’s natural tooth and maintain its structural integrity. And he has the technology to accomplish this on site, in a matter of hours, not days.

Not technology for its own sake, Dr. Pema provides clients with the best, pain-free care available anywhere. Imagine—no anxious week, worrying whether your temp-crown will come loose and get swallowed with dinner.

Dr. Pema, a graduate of University of Michigan School of Dentistry, creates a 3D image of an affected tooth with magnification down to the micron level.

“We take our digital image and our design to produce the crown right here,” said Dr. Pema. He has employed this rapidly advancing digital technology since 2006. Dr. Pema has a depth of experience and proficiency that few in his field possess. Besides the obvious benefits to his clients, his mastery also allows him to more effectively learn and integrate the latest advances in dental and imaging fields.

The doctor and his staff recently moved to a brand new building from their previous location in Toluca Lake. Clients will thrill at the bright new facility which allows the same high standards of professionalism and service they always received from Dr. Pema since 2003. These new offices look like they were designed from the ground up to suit the specific needs of Dr. Pema’s practice. The facility is clean, bright and organized for the efficiency and ease of both staff and clients.

Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry offers a full complement of dental services including complementary consultations, veneers, dental implants, orthodontics and hygiene.

Dr. Pema is offering a Grand Opening special of a comprehensive exam, digital X-rays and basic cleaning for only $75.

Zero interest financing is available to clients through CareCredit.

Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry is located at 10751 Riverside Dr. in Toluca Lake. Call (818) 760-9912 or visit Ample parking is available behind the building.  


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