Preparing your home to be sold

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As the Spring Sales season begins, here’s a checklist to help you get top dollar

A local landmark: Look for Ramsey-Shilling in the iconic red brick building on the corner of Riverside Dr. and Forman Ave. in Toluca Lake.

Selling your house is always a big decision and when you’re ready to do so, you should make sure your house is ready too.

Ramsey-Shilling Associates, the premiere real estate brokerage of Toluca Lake and Hollywood Hills, has created a Seller’s for your house and in the quickest amount of time possible.

  1. Call Ramsey-Shilling Associates for an evaluation
  • Toluca Lake (818) 763-5162
  • Hollywood Hills (323) 851-5512
  1. Curb appeal
  • Freshen up the landscape
  • Trim trees and plant flowers
  • Store all bikes, toys and equipment out of sight
  • Paint or touch-up the outside of the house
  1. Making your home presentable
  • Get rid of unnecessary furniture
  • Clean closets and clear off countertops
  • Clean all floors
  • Clean all windows and mirrors
  • Remove stains in sinks and tubs
  1. Making it live-in ready
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Replace missing door or cabinet handles
  • Fix or replace broken appliances
  • Replace broken tiles in bathroom or kitchen
  • Paint if necessary
  • Discuss major repairs with your Realtor
  1. Smelling good, too!
  • Bathe pets and clean out litter boxes
  • Empty all trash, recycle bins, etc.
  • Dry clean drapes and shampoo carpets
  • Use baking soda boxes in smell-prone areas
  • Place flowers, potpourri or air fresheners around the house
  1. What do you think?
  • Call your Realtor to walk through your home like a buyer would
  • Get their opinion on whether or not it’s inviting, clean and well-maintained
  • Make any changes they suggest

When you call an agent at Ramsey-Shilling Associates, they provide you with all the necessary tools to help facilitate the sale of your house, so that you can begin your next chapter.

Ramsey-Shilling wants you to have the most efficient and successful transaction, so their agents diligently work with you to give you peace of mind throughout the transaction. They believe selling your house doesn’t begin with contracts, but with the knowledge and experience to represent you.

When a house is attractive and has very little to fix, you should get the top dollar for your house when it goes on the market.


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