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By John K. Adams

Does diminished eyesight keep you from doing things you want or need to do? Does headlight glare keep you from driving at night? If your personal autonomy is dependent on good eyesight (whose isn’t?), you may want to get checked for cataracts.

A Center for VisionCare in Burbank would be a great place to start seeking such treatment. Besides the very latest technology for treating diseases of the eye, they also provide regular eye exams, glasses and contact lenses.

The doctors at A Center for VisionCare specialize solely in treating cataracts, glaucoma and other eye related diseases. They are on the vanguard of technological advances in eye care including the state-of-the-art Femto Laser and several options in lenses.

Lasers used to be the stuff of science fiction. But now one can scarcely get through the day without using lasers in some capacity. The use of laser technology in surgery and specifically in eye surgery is one of the great boons of recent years. Lasers allow for blade-free procedures that are efficient and precise.

The primary physicians at a Center for VisionCare, Doctors Alan Mandelberg, Dana Tannenbaum and Mario Meallet are all Board Certified Ophthalmologists. Combined, they have successfully completed over 10,000 cataract operations. Their medical credentials are too numerous to list here. However, they have shared their extensive knowledge by teaching ophthalmology residents at UCLA, USC and participate in medical missions worldwide. They have also lectured nationally and internationally at medical conferences.

These articulate professionals educate potential patients about the treatments and procedures they are considering. These personable doctors know any patient anticipating surgery has anxiety that may be reduced by providing a clear concept of the procedure they face.

Cataracts are a commonly occurring result of aging. Other variables, such as diabetes, prolonged use of some medications or unprotected exposure to the sun may cause them too.

Cataracts cause clouding of vision, glare and reduction of clarity. Successful treatment often allows the patient to discard their prescription glasses too.

Cataract treatment is highly successful, resulting in improved vision in over 99 percent of cases. The most common surgery in the U.S., treatment for cataracts has never been simpler and more effective. What used to take hours and perhaps an overnight stay in the hospital has become a procedure lasting 30 minutes. After surgery, patients commonly exclaim, “That was it?”

Those patients then go on to wonder why they waited so long for treatment. The restoration of clear vision and bright colors is remarkable.

A Center for VisionCare accepts Medicare and most insurance plans.

A Center for VisionCare is located at 2031 W Alameda Ave., Suite 300, in Burbank. Visit ACVCI.com or call (818) 762-0647.

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