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Gigi Santoro, center, with the winners of the $1,000Make It A Grand Christmas drawing.

Gigi Santoro, center, with the winners of the $1,000
Make It A Grand Christmas drawing.

Santoro And Sons Real Estate announces the winner of our $1,000 drawing – Terry Thomas, a longtime, local Burbank resident who has been involved in coaching youth baseball, basketball, and football teams for many years. We were very excited to call Terry on Dec. 24 to let her know her good fortune. Terry came right over to pick up her winnings. She said, “This was a completely unexpected surprise and we can definitely use it, THANK YOU!” All the best to Terry and her family and may 2013 be a great year for everyone!

Besides being a fantastic Realtor and businessperson, Gigi Santoro also has many connections and relationships within the entertainment community. A popular cable network contacted her to see if she had any clients that would be a good fit for their TV show where they give away a $20,000 renovation. She submitted her buyers, Sonia and Sean Wike. And guess what? They were chosen and now have their own episode PLUS a $20,000 renovation on their new home.

Sonia says, “Working with Gigi Santoro and the people on the show to renovate our new house has been a blessing – we just didn’t know Realtors could be as wonderful as Gigi!”

922 Bel Aire - Still Available!

922 Bel Aire – Still Available!

We have been telling you all along that we were different – and here are two testimonials from people who can attest to our hard work and willingness to partner with our clients to create a fabulous experience!

The front page of Sunday’s Daily News said “Time to Buy – If You Can.” The market has changed and we are on the upswing for Real Estate in Los Angeles. If it truly is the time to buy — what are people going to buy? Inventory is so low at this time, when a good property comes on the market, we are seeing multiple offers. If you are thinking of moving closer to your grandkids, moving to that home with a beautiful view, or on the 10th green — Take Advantage Of This Market!

You might want to think about listing your house with us. We have a proven track record of getting houses sold quickly at excellent prices. Start the process, give us a call, and we can provide you with a marketing strategy that is creative and showcases your home. We live where you live, we work where you work, our community is your community. Call Gigi Santoro and let her put together your next move. Call Gigi @ (818) 237-5687 or E-mail: Gigi@SantoroAndSons.com.

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