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By Viollette Doloricon

I AM Skincare Spokes-model.

I AM Skincare Spokes-model.

Rachelle Begley is not only Ed Begley’s prettier other half, but she is a “lean, not-mean, green machine.” Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she was named after Rachel Carson – the mother of the contemporary environmental movement. So it’s no wonder that she and Ed are fondly known as the Valley’s Green Team!

A proud resident of Studio City, Rachelle is passionate about her cause and her projects, which currently include being the new spokesperson for a natural skincare line aptly named “I AM Selfcare.”

“It’s the best product for a great price and contains active, natural ingredients. No one wants to spend $100-300 for a face cream. I AM Selfcare products feel good, do no harm, while it repairs and protects the skin. I’ve seen immediate changes in fine-line reduction and overall improvement to skin texture.”

Ed and Rachelle off to The Emmy Awards.

Ed and Rachelle off to The Emmy Awards.

To be “green” in skincare means, according to Rachelle, “looking at the ingredients and asking yourself if you want your skin to digest these chemicals. It’s no different from what you eat, and you have to remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ. So why would anyone want to put our most important barrier through more unnecessary harm than it already endures in the Southern California environment, much less the harsh winters in the Midwest and East Coast?”

Rachelle practices a diligent skincare regimen that is not “too alternative” for anyone who is on the anti-aging bandwagon. “I want what every woman in L.A. wants while eliminating chemical by-products. I wash my face every morning and evening with the ‘I AM Luminous” Radiant Daily Cleanser – clean skin is crucial against the pollutants in L.A. Afterwards I use the Authentic antioxidant serum in the morning, and the I AM Serene Night repair emollient in the evening. In the morning I always top off with SPF.”

April 22 is Earth Day and, expectantly, Rachelle is busy. She and Ed are hosting a full-day marathon on BiteSize TV with familiar specialty groups, such as Tree People and Coalition Clean Air, among the few, to bring everyone up to environmental speed on live television. Earth Day is also the launch of Rachelle and Ed’s new show happily titled “Our Green House”, which follows how they move forward in pursuit of a full environmentally-friendly renovation of their residence.

Rachelle is optimistic about the future and how anyone and everyone can make a difference. “I say don’t give up on the environment. A ‘green neophyte’ can start by looking under the sink and checking out the chemicals being used on a regular basis. We need to understand that those same chemicals that we expose ourselves to are also being exposed to others after they’re disposed down the drain or in the trash. This new thought process hopefully brings an awareness to which products are helpful and NOT harmful, and that is a change that I consider has a tremendous impact.”

To check out Rachelle’s skincare regimen, go to “And don’t forget to honor your skin with love.”

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