Discovering the Artwork of Shlomi Haziza

Artist Shlomi Haziza.

Artist Shlomi Haziza.

At the intersection of Roscoe and Lankershim, in the commercial and industrial area that is the border between North Hollywood and Sun Valley, there is something unexpected.
Rising from a manicured green lawn are multicolor flowers with metal stems and branches that reach nearly twenty feet high, with enormous leaves in red, purple, blue and yellow, gigantic blossoms improbably tilting against the sky.
It is a sculpture garden full of bold colors and big ideas, and it is constantly expanding. The same could be said about Shlomi Haziza, the artist behind these sculptures and H.Studio, the company he has built over the last two decades.
“My lifestyle is based around creating art and trying to push creativity, and everything I am involved in, to the next level. I prefer pieces that I see differently or get something different from every time I look at them,” said Haziza.

Inside the Haziza Gallery.

Inside the Haziza Gallery.

By the time Haziza was fifteen years old, he had already begun an art studio in Israel. While other children were skipping sea stones, he was painting them. It wasn’t long before his artistically-painted rocks were attracting international attention.
Acrylic is the most sophisticated material Haziza has mastered to date. It is an unforgiving, but naturally exciting and expressive medium, with light-refracting properties that give it a unique dynamic.
“I spent years focusing, researching and developing new ways to use material, pushing the material to make it something new and different. I am always looking for designs that are cutting edge and fresh, so it’s a constant process of finding ideas and developing them,” said Haziza.
The Haziza gallery on Lankershim is an expansive 50,000 square foot indoor and outdoor showplace, overflowing with sculptures, paintings, furniture and accessories from the H.Studio collection, which includes hundreds of designs that are distributed around the world.
For years, the gallery was something of a secret but now has become a destination for art and design enthusiasts. On any given day, the space is buzzing with activity, hosting parties, events, photo shoots and tour groups. In the lounge area, designers, staff and visitors mingle at the coffee bar by day, and have cocktails in the evening.
Meanwhile, each work of art is still made by hand in a studio just around the corner from the gallery. At the studio, nearly a hundred creative people under the artistic direction of Haziza, come to work every day ready to create new designs.
The studio uses a wide range of materials including metal, wood, fabrics and stone. Still, it’s Haziza’s exceptional skill and innovations with acrylic that make the H.Studio collection stand apart. Since each design is made to order, H.Studio specializes in custom work, creating installations for clients including celebrities, museums, film sets and national brands.
Still, Haziza views everything he’s accomplished so far as just the beginning. “The greater idea is to create a complete lifestyle – art, furniture and fashion – and that all those collections incorporate a certain aesthetic, as well as energy, color and passion for life,” said Haziza.

The Haziza Gallery is located at 8421 Lankershim Boulevard, Sun Valley, CA 91352. For more information and gallery times, call 800 (242) 8992, or visit Haziza’s Web site

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