Gindi Thai Is All About Eating Well!


By Viollette Doloricon

Clean and modern decor that does not distract you from the taste of the dishes.

Clean and modern decor that does not distract you from the taste of the dishes.

Make your way to Gindi Thai for an alluring dining adventure and see why rated it the “Best Thai Restaurant in Los Angeles” for the third year in a row!

Located on the border of Toluca Lake and Burbank, Gindi Thai Restaurant has been feeding their loyal clientele of local residents, studio employees, and celebrities since 2006. Eric Sansangasakun owns the stylish eatery and is positively enthused by how far they’ve come. “Gindi is Thai for ‘eat well,’ and that’s what we want to accomplish for everyone who walks through that door.”

For those familiar with Thai food, one will recognize the consistently used ingredients: ginger, galangal, coconut milk, various chilis, and the distinguishable kaffir lime garnish. For those unfamiliar with Thai food, prepare to become addicted! Why? Eric keeps it pure: “Thai food is simply tasty. Food (in general) is usually healthy OR tasty. Thai is the perfect balance between the two. So it’s considered ‘diet friendly,’ without the use of fattening components.”

Warm and inviting ambience with excellent customer service.

Warm and inviting ambience with excellent customer service.

Their signature dish is the “Cube Mignon,” which is a tender filet mignon that is cubed and sautéed with garlic. It is definitely a favorite of their repeat customers, but the Pad Thai (rice noodles with shrimp or chicken, egg, scallions, tofu, and bean sprouts) is the most popular. “Pad Thai is a great ‘starter dish’ for someone who is new to Thai cuisine. From there the taste buds open up to all the spice, meat, and seafood possibilities.”

Their head chef hails from Thailand and has developed a menu that captures the essence of the different regions in the country. They also have an eye-catching sushi bar located in the middle of the restaurant. Eric is encouraging: “If you’re unsure of what to order, sushi is always reliable! It also helps that we have such great sushi.”

It’s comforting to see how proud Eric is of this establishment. “Any restaurant can make a few decent dishes. Our restaurant makes MANY fresh and tasty dishes. We also provide appealing music, a warm and inviting ambience, and a clean and modern décor topped off by excellent customer service.”

He has had his fair share of celebrity sightings in the restaurant, but his favorite memory is of a dinner he had with a good group of friends that lasted from 5 p.m. till closing time. “It was so comfortable and the pace of our meal was in sync with all of our different conversations. We had the perfect table with the perfect group of people and the perfect dining experience, which is the way it should be.”

Gindi Thai is located at 4017 W. Riverside Dr. in Burbank. They deliver and cater. To make reservations, call (818) 567-1221 or visit


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