Ladies’ Night Out


By Anthony Cross

Henna tattoos on hand at MinfulNest location.

Ladies’ Night Out has a whole new meaning in Burbank! If you’re a gal who likes to shop and mingle, this event is your cup of tea —or perhaps your glass of champagne while you browse for your new possessions. This event occurs every last Friday of the month from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. in Burbank’s Magnolia Park neighborhood. Around twenty stores and boutiques participate in this event that started over a year ago. Each store offers specials including: sales discounts, hors d’oeuvres, beverages and the word I would hear most on my outing, fun!

This past Friday I dropped by some of the stores that participate in Ladies’ Night Out and they did not disappoint. One of the stores I visited is called MindfulNest, an artisan based gift gallery. Entering the store I was greeted by a cheerful lady with a deck of cards. She asked me to draw three cards. I drew a Jack, an eight and a five of clubs.

“Twenty-three percent off anything in the store,” she proffered. Intriguing way to offer a discount. Inside the store there was music playing, champagne flowing and even a henna tattoo artist.

“Every store is different: they’ll have live music across the street, fashion shows, book signings — we even do karaoke here sometimes,” store owner and key figure of Ladies’ Night Out Amanda Vernon said. “This is really about community and bringing people together, supporting small businesses and local artists. Where ladies go, others will follow!”

Ladies’ Night Out is not just for ladies anymore! Anthony Cross finds treasures for his lady.

Jumping in on the fun, I used my twenty-three percent discount to create my own custom fragrance with creator Jennifer Hardaway. With a huge variety of scents to choose from, Jennifer helped me handpick and combine five scents to create a fragrance I deemed worthy of naming “Lucky” — that I knew my wife would love. It’s not just Ladies’ Night Out anymore!

Heading over to another boutique, I was intercepted by one of the famous local food trucks. Before I could finish chewing, I walked into the store Magnolia Commons, which is owned by Kathleen Bailey — who initially came up with the Ladies’ Night Out concept. Kathleen also owns a jewelry and clothing store across the street called Encore Nouveau. I chatted with her in the lounge area where kids, teenagers and even men were hanging out, having a good time. The smile on her face showed how proud of this event she is.

Kathleen explained: “Women can be complete strangers, but when you put them in a store and start spraying things on, then you maybe throw in some coffee, it turns into the girls’ room. And they’ll be honest with each other, saying, ‘Oh, I don’t like that’ or ‘Oh, you have to get that’ — just fun.”

If you want to have a good time shopping for great deals while supporting your community, keep the last Friday of every month on your mind here in the Magnolia Park neighborhood for a fun night out – Ladies’ Night Out!

For further information, call (818) 840-0123 or visit

MindfulNest has recently expanded, opening their second location in Santa Monica which includes a full fragrance bar provided by Kleanspa.

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Amanda Vernon, co-owner of MindfulNest, celebrates Ladies’ Night Out with a community of retail hosts in the Magnolia Park neighborhood.

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