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(L-R): Alexandra Booth M.D., Dennie Tabor RN, Lisa Benest M.D., Randi Rush DO, and Anne Dunev Ph.D.

Forty is the new thirty. Fifty is the new forty. Sixty is the new fifty! Today we are staying active and youthful for years, even decades longer than did previous generations. We eat healthy, exercise and stay mentally fit, all to keep us feeling and acting younger than our years might otherwise suggest. But what about our skin? Do those fine lines around the eyes and mouth suggest wisdom over youth? What about wrinkled or sagging skin? Does it point to the march of age? Nothing gives the impression of youth more than a beautiful, healthy complexion.
Over-the-counter creams and solutions, spa treatments and a good diet all contribute to that youthful complexion but as we age, those things just aren’t enough. That’s when we turn to medical advancements in the field of dermatology to target and comprehensively handle all those skin imperfections that affect how we view ourselves, and how others view us.
Cosmetic lasers are the latest developments in advanced skin care. Lasers treat wrinkles by: tightening skin tissue, prompting the production of collagen and elastin; removing sun damage by breaking up pigment; treating rosacea by reducing broken blood vessels; and simply removing unwanted hair. Lisa Benest M.D. Skin Care and Laser Center in Burbank uses Active FX, a revolutionary fractional laser for aged, sun-damaged or acne-scarred skin. The Active FX Laser Treatment will reduce wrinkles and fine lines, soften deeper frown lines, noticeably improve skin tone and texture, stimulate new collagen formation and plump the skin.

“I’m not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You’re as old as you feel.”

-Elizabeth Arden

In addition to lasers, the office offers a wide range of non-surgical procedures, including injectable fillers like collagen, Restylane®, Juvéderm® Botox®, Dysport, and chemical and other peels, to enhance the appearance by reducing blotchy and uneven pigmentation, fine lines and renewing sun-damaged cells. The antioxidant brightening and lightening peels, which boost the skin using vitamins C and E, green tea extract and other ingredients, will fade stubborn dark patches and restore your skin’s natural smoothness. Their board certified doctors can even treat and control embarrassing outbreaks of adult acne!
At Lisa Benest M.D. Skin Care and Laser Center, you’ll find dermatologists and nurses who dedicate their expertise and artistry to making your skin look the best it can be. They have been featured in Pasadena Magazine, Cosmetic Surgery Times and on ABC News. They were recently awarded the Patients’ Choice Award for 2008 and voted a “Top Doc in Pasadena” by Pasadena Magazine, as well as “Best Dermatologist” in Burbank by The Burbank Leader.
Their team of doctors and nurses understand the desire we all have to be as beautiful and healthy as we can be. Whether you have a medical or a cosmetic skin care need, they blend the latest advances in skin care into the experience and wisdom of medicine. Visit them for a FREE consultation with their cosmetic nurse specialist to find out how they can help you look as young as you feel!

The office of Lisa Benest, M.D., is located at 1624 W. Olive #B, Burbank, CA 91506. For more information, call (818) 729-9149 or visit www.lisabenestmd.com.

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