Marilyn Monroe Is Back: Kassandra Carroll Is Marilyn Monroe


By Jon Konjoyan

Kassandra Carroll is Marilyn Monroe.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring.” — Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe’s short life was hardly boring, but despite her trademark glamour and renowned celebrity, her lasting appeal was as an everywoman — someone who was all things to all people. Today, on the 50th anniversary of her infamously tragic death, she is more celebrated and beloved than ever. Now an icon for the ages, Marilyn’s legacy fascinates fans from eight to eighty.

And now Marilyn lives again.

Actress and singer Kassandra Carroll embodies the look and spirit of Monroe like no other. Not surprisingly, she earned a top finalist position in the recent “Spirit of Marilyn” national competition, with the support and guidance of another Hollywood icon, car customizer to the stars George Barris. Besides appearing and performing at numerous Hollywood entertainment and corporate events, Carroll is currently working on an all-out tribute show to Monroe complete with symphony orchestra.

Kassandra Carroll will appear as Marilyn on your upcoming show or at your next event.

What sets Carroll apart from other Marilyn wanna-bes? Start with a heart of gold and an effervescent personality that can’t be feigned. Next, throw in a healthy dose of glitzy glamour and classy style, and finally add in an air of innocence that is irresistible. “Like Marilyn, I enjoy people, and that comes through in my work,” coos the 30-something Dublin, Ireland, native. Carroll’s Marilyn doesn’t put people down or wallow in morbid curiosity. Her Marilyn is pure joy and celebration. Marilyn lives!

Besides her work as a celebrity impersonator, Carroll is also working on a new network TV series about original Hollywood memorabilia. She is also up for the role of Marilyn in the upcoming film No City for Dreaming based on the book by Don O’ Melveney, and is fielding various film and online offers.

While Marilyn Monroe and the golden age of Hollywood are gone, their spirit and personality live on through the love and talents of Kassandra Carroll. Contact Ms. Carroll at and Twitter: @KassandraCarro2. “Like” her on Facebook:


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