Moving with Your Pets Can Be a Challenge!

Saphira with George, Justin, and Dylan.

Saphira with George, Justin, and Dylan.

We sell houses, and in this market, we sell them fast! Often sellers tell me their pets ‘know’ something is going on when they are getting ready to move. They say things like, “Fluffy never chews up my shoes, but she did yesterday after the home inspection.” Or, “My cats haven’t stopped crying for days.” I don’t know if pets sense the move or not, but I do know that owners need a special plan put in place to move their pets. Take our clients who sold their home in the Magnolia Park area of Burbank and moved to Pueblo, Colorado. They had 3 cats and thought the path of least resistance was to drive the cats in a mini van with a mattress in the back, straight through to Colorado which is a 16 hour drive. The cats started howling, as only cats can, the minute they pulled out of the drive way and didn’t stop for 16 hours! My clients said, after 40 years of marriage, “That 16 hours was the most miserable time we ever spent together.”



Don’t make that your experience! Check out our website and go to our ‘Francois Knows’ page. We have a lot of great information and resources to help you find a new veterinarian, groomer or dog park!

Here are a few tips to making your pets transition easier for the whole family: Make an appointment to see your Vet with your pets to ask what would be the best way to transport them to a new location. Moving pets to a new home means they need to be protected. Make sure things like, fences, gates, and doggie doors are installed, if possible, so that your pet can move in and be safe. Make sure there are no environmental hazards that can affect your pet.

And finally, make sure you have your pet’s food, bed and toys ready for the new house. Don’t forget that they need to eat and drink when they get to their new home – so make sure their food is packed where you can get to it right away.

If you make the necessary preparations for your pets, your move will be much easier and less stressful for all!

Inventory in this market is so low that houses are selling fast and with multiple offers. Give me a call and I will be happy to come out and talk to you about your home’s value and what we can do to get you the best price possible when you sell and I will bring doggie or cat treats! Call Gigi at (818) 237-5687.


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