Playtime at the Adler Veterinary Group’s Doggie Day Care


Wag Your Tail While You Sun by the Pool

By Sean Waldron

If a ferret, hedgehog, prairie dog, or tarantula gets sick, where can they go?

Adler Veterinary Hospital.

They can go to the same place as any dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile, rabbit, and guinea pig: the Adler Veterinary Group and Resort. Adler is not just any veterinary group; it is a state-of-the-art facility. Receptionist Jenny Freeland is the first employee ready to assist guests at the front door.  On many occasions she is there to take action and calm the distraught emotions of people who are cradling in their arms their beloved pet who is fighting for life. Other occasions are not so intense, such as the telephone call from a lady who wanted to know if feeding spaghetti with olive oil to her chicken can cause problems. (The answer: “It’s good, but only in small amounts.”)
While visiting the Adler Group, the tall, smiling Dr. Dan Reimer showed me around their spacious, clean, and lemon-scented hospital. The Adler Veterinary Group supplies dogs and cats with full service medicine, pain management, anesthesia, surgery, digital x-rays, ultrasound, and even laser surgery for tiny animals with little blood vessels for whom the loss of a drop of blood could be life threatening. Patients can choose dental cleaning, tooth extractions, or root canals.
The Adler Group has six rotating doctors on staff. Dr. Reimer is joined by Dr. Craig Adler, Dr. Tim Walters, Dr. Ted Adler, Dr. Alan Epstein, and Dr. Justine Walker. At least three are available on a daily basis to care for the sick and injured.

Photos courtesy Larry Estrin.

Dr. Daniel Reimer, Medical Director, and Sarah Kardouni, Hospital Manager, in the new Doggie Day Care facility.

Dogs can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool just big enough for doggy paddling. Your cat can eat tuna while watching movies such as “Betty Bird,” “Larry Lizard,” and “Freddy Fish.” The felines can enjoy several different rooms such as The Sun Room, the Quiet Room, and the Kitty Castle. In addition to the resort, a brand new “Doggy Day Care” facility opening in April will allow your doggies to nap on blue cots and enjoy a very spacious room with 20 to 25 other dogs that have been interviewed to ensure that they are compatible with each other. A special feature allows the pet owner to view their dog at play on a website while at work.
Hospital Director Sarah Kardouni told me about a ten-year-old golden retriever named Clancy who had cancer and was not expected to survive. But Doctor Reimer performed surgery on Clancy and saved him. I got to meet Clancy while he was on his way to be groomed. He was looking up adoringly at his best friend and companion Louise Adams. Louise says she is so grateful to Dr. Reimer for saving Clancy’s life.   It’s only been 10 days since Clancy had his surgery and lost his left leg, but today he was hopping around on all three, wagging and smiling. 
Visit their website ( for tips on how to care for your pet, their hours of operation and a few heartwarming stories. Tonight, the doggies and kitties will sleep in their temperature regulated condos, and dream of the latest “Catfish” video and what new best friend they will meet at poolside when the day begins anew.

The Adler Veterinary Group is located at 16911 Roscoe Blvd., North Hills, CA 91343. They can be reached at 818-893-6366.

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