Talented writer seeks agent An open letter to the entertainment industry


By Kathie Evans-Goodin

Movie poster for “The Shawshank Redemption.” Writer Kathie Evans-Goodin has written a new screenplay for a sequel. She is seeking representation and can be reached at (913) 682-6648 or email KGOODIN1@kc.rr.com.

I am a ship without the sea, a steak without the potato and I am without an agent for all my copyrighted projects. I need an agent armed with the ability, knowledge and the skill to assert my interests in Hollywood. Don’t think of me as nutty; people thought Noah was nutty too, and look what he did.

My name is Kathie Evans-Goodin, and I am relentless and unstoppable. I have endless projects that will be money makers, and I’m a writer who is smart, ambitious and totally together, with great energy and enthusiasm.

My portfolio includes:

  • Andy & Red: The Men Of Shawshank (screenplay)
  • A Texas Tale (screenplay)
  • Life With Granny (screenplay and possible television series)
  • Captain Pirate (reality television show)
  • The Morel Mushroom Hunters Show (reality television show)
  • Anonymous (game show) The Texas Hold’em Game Show (game show)
  • WSOP theme song and poker mini-jingles
  • Song lyrics (A lullaby/Christmas/country)
  • Pickle slogan/T-shirt slogans
  • Entire hosiery ad campaign

For more information call me at (913) 682-6648 or email at KGOODIN1@kc.rr.com.

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