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Thea Pueschel, C.Ht. working with a client in a private session.

Welcome to Los Angeles, where dreams are built and destroyed. Where life can seem to be a façade. What is holding you back in your career, life or sports performance?

Many times we will blame the lack of opportunity, being overlooked, bad genetics, etc., but the truth is, what holds you back from maximizing your potential is your belief system — the belief that you can only operate at a certain level. Though you may not be aware of this hindrance consciously, your subconscious identifications and associations from childhood to present can prevent you from achieving your life ambitions. Hypnotiq Solutions can assist you in making those life changes that you desire by creating a subconscious support structure to enhance the achievement of your conscious goals.

Many times people feel apprehensive due to the misrepresentation of hypnosis in the media. Hypnosis is often associated with the metaphysical realm of past life regression or stage hypnosis. Many do not realize that hypnosis has been used for over 150 years within the medical community and is considered a viable and complimentary health modality, recognized by such reputable medical organizations as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School.

Hypnotiq Solutions operates from a holistic health model, working in conjunction with medical doctors, psychologists and other specialists. Hypnotiq Solutions assists clients by setting the subconscious foundation through personalized metaphor and “language of self” to attain goals and remove blockages.

Thea Pueschel, C.Ht. leading a sports performance workshop for A Runner’s Circle Thursday Night Fun Run

Hypnosis extends beyond quitting smoking and losing weight. The applications for hypnosis are as unlimited as human potential, from general self-improvement to specific goal achievement, including but not limited to sports performance, pain management, sexual dysfunction, career enhancement and creativity. Certified hypnotherapist and owner of Hypnotiq Solutions, Thea Pueschel specializes in assisting others reach their goals through a calm maternal patter, guiding individuals into a state of relaxation and setting the foundation for personal transformation.

“The most rewarding aspect of my practice is when my clients achieve their goals,” Thea stated. “I have worked with several athletes, individually and in group settings. Seeing people optimize their personal best through hypnosis is really awe inspiring and shows us how we can use hypnosis to affect change in all aspects of our lives.”

Thea went on to say, “I work with many types of individuals and what I see most common in my practice, whether working with pain management, creativity, athleticism or career enhancement, is an over active inner critic. Once the inner critic is neutralized or its volume is turned down, goal achievement just starts to occur naturally — almost seamlessly.”

Hypnotiq Solutions also offers Kinesthetic Visualism, incorporating art and hypnosis for both individual sessions and groups. Thea uses Hypnotiq Solutions to help others tap into their creative side by turning off the inner critic and experiencing the true essence of art through exploring the primal desire to create and the true essence of sport by unhindered performance.

Hypnotiq Solutions is located at 3171 Los Feliz Blvd. Ste. 208C in Los Angeles. For more information, call (323) 337-3116 or visit Private Sessions by appointment only (evening and weekend hours available). Hypnotiq Solutions will be offering two HypnoArt workshops on June 11TH and 25TH in Atwater Village.

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