The Responsible Way of Saying Goodbye to Your Pet


PPA_logo_vector01They say that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. But when it comes to what happens to your pet when he or she dies — this adage couldn’t be further from the truth. Veterinary medicine has progressed light years in the last century, but how your pet is treated when it’s passed on is still more archaic and dangerous than you might suspect.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation is a new, state-of-the-art, 100 percent green company founded by pet owners and lovers whose mission it is to respect an animal in its passing as much as its owner did in its life. But the company has gone even further: honoring a pet also means not degrading the environment. Peaceful Pets Aquamation’s mission is nothing short of a revolution in pet healthcare.

The staff of Peaceful Pets Aquamation, from l, is Susan Booker, Jerry Shevick, and Sherman Baylin.

The staff of Peaceful Pets Aquamation, from l, is Susan Booker, Jerry Shevick, and Sherman Baylin.

The company is one of the first in the country to use a non-polluting alternative to traditional cremation called “Aquamation.” Using water flow, temperature, and alkalinity, the process is closer to natural decomposition than any other method. Aquamation just accelerates the natural process. Dr. Lisa Newell of Malibu Coast Animal Hospital is a supporter: “Aquamation is how I want pets to be treated. We come into the world from water and what’s more natural than to leave the world in water?”

Aquamation is a proven technology. UCLA and the Mayo Clinic are among many institutions using the process. Peaceful Pets Aquamation employs a patented machine that has been specifically manufactured for pets. Unlike cremation, there are no toxic emissions and no contribution to green house gases.

Aquamation uses one-twentieth the energy of cremation with a carbon footprint only one-tenth of what fire-based cremation produces. The benefits are staggering. “To us, it’s just common sense,” explains CEO Jerry Shevick. “Cremation pollutes, Aquamation doesn’t. Aquamation is gentler on the pet, essentially accelerating what Mother Nature does. The fee is equal to or less than cremation and burial. What rational choice is there?” Dr. Attila Molnar of Calabasas’ All Animals Veterinary Center agrees. “Aquamation is the only choice for a responsible practice,” he says.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation is single handedly redefining what has been a markedly unknown and archaic part of the pet world. “Years ago we unfortunately saw pets being taken out of a clinic in garbage bags and tossed into the back of a pick-up truck — and this in the heat of a Los Angeles summer,” remarks Shevick. “It was also pretty standard procedure. We didn’t have the solution then, but I knew there was a better way. We could build a better mousetrap and we have. I want to celebrate my pets’ lives, not leave their memory in the back of a pick-up truck or at the end of a smokestack.”

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